Solco and SolarEdge Partner to Maximize Solar Power Harvesting in Australia

Solco and SolarEdge Partner to Maximize Solar Power Harvesting in AustraliaAs a result of close collaboration, Solco and SolarEdge today announced a joint partnership agreement for the supply of a distributed power harvesting solution that will maximize power generation throughout a solar photovoltaic system’s lifecycle, while dramatically reducing complexities and costs.

“Solco welcomes this strategic agreement with SolarEdge, who has proven to be a reliable and committed partner,” said Mark Norman, CEO and Managing Director of Solco Ltd. “Our partnership reflects the intensive quest by both companies to create highly efficient and cost-effective PV systems. The combination of SolarEdge technology and Solco’s technical expertise will significantly enhance the energy output of solar power systems installed in Australia. We expect customer response to be immediate, demonstrating the viability and effectiveness of this collaboration, and the abilities of this new solution.”

The SolarEdge power harvesting solution includes PowerBoxes, which are PV module-integrated power optimizers, multi-string solar PV inverter, and solar monitoring software. This unique end-to-end solution enables production of up to 25% more energy from the PV installation, while reducing costs and complexities. The SolarEdge system offers significant improvements over existing solutions, especially in optimizing power output from each module, regardless of adjacent module performance. The SolarEdge solution allows installers and system owners of all system types to benefit from constraint-free design, real-time module-level monitoring, improved maintenance at reduced cost, optimal site-area utilisation, theft prevention mechanisms, enhanced safety and extraordinary reliability, which all contribute to faster return on investment.

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