TaKaDu to partner globally with Schneider Electric

TaKaDu and Schneider Electric are partnering globally in deploying TaKaDu’s Water Infrastructure Monitoring solution (check this link:  partnership). It is part of their go-to-market strategy to work with qualified business partners that will support our customers worldwide in the deployment, training and post-sale support of the TaKaDu solution.

Schneider Electric is a global leader in energy management with operations in more than 100 countries, 120,000 employees and a clear focus on making energy safe, reliable, and efficient. It offers integrated solutions across multiple market segments, including industrial processes, building automation, data centers/networks, residential applications as well as water sector. Schneider Electric’s integrated solutions make water and wastewater management efficient, productive, and green from the smallest pumping station to the most complex treatment plant.

Pascal Bonnefoi, Water Segment Director at Schneider Electric said: “This partnership with TaKaDu is a collaborative and proactive step forward for providing energy and process efficiency solutions to water operation companies”.

TaKaDu views Schneider’s approach of ‘more with less’ in its water offerings as a great fit to what TaKaDu’s SaaS solution is made for. By smart monitoring of their infrastructure, we let water utilities do more with the same amount of raw data they collect and make their assets live longer. Schneider Electric is a great match for us because of its global presence and energy background (water = energy).

Schneider Electric web link: schneider-electric and takadu
TaKaDu web link: http://www.takadu.com/category/SP

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