Google VP: Israel is one of our fastest growing markets

As reported by IVC :

This is Marissa Mayer’s second visit to Israel in three years.

“I’m always excited to be in Israel. There’s amazing energy here, and Israel is a wonderful place for innovation,” said Google VP search products & user experience Marissa Mayer at the Google Chrome developers conference (DevFest) at Airport City.
Mayer added, “This is the first Google Chrome developers conference, and we’re excited that it’s happening in Israel, because this is one of the fastest growing markets in the world for us.”

This is Mayer’s second visit to Israel in three years. The present visit is one leg of an annual tour of 40 markets. Israel was the third stop on the current trip. “The idea behind the tour is to understand how developers and advertisers work with Chrome. This helps us build better tools for the web and for Google in particular,” she said.

Mayer added that Chrome and Firefax had a 25% share of the Israeli market. “This is amazing progress. There is, of course, more progress to be made, but it’s important to remember that Chrome is not even two years old. Chrome is a very important product for us. It has amazing growth, and helps the Internet become faster and more enjoyable.”

Mayer will attend the GarageGeeks event at a Holon garage tonight. She will be the guest of honor of investor Dr. Yossi Vardi.

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