Israel Plans to cut Greenhouse Gas Emissions

As reported in Israel21c: Recently, Israel’s Cabinet approved a 2.2 billion shekel ($598 m.) National Plan to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

To implement the plan, the allocated funds will be invested over the coming decade. In the course of the decade, home electricity consumption will be reduced by switching to electricity-saving home appliances and improving and renovating buildings; educational efforts and information campaigns will be undertaken to increase awareness regarding the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions; and new Israeli technologies and green construction will be promoted.

The plan’s implementation will have long-term significance vis-à-vis reducing electricity demand, thus reducing greenhouse gas emissions and fostering a cleaner environment by decreasing pollution. All of the preceding should lead to improved public health.

It is also expected to contribute to more efficient energy consumption, facilitating the investment of increased resources in new economic activity.

With the new National Plan, Israel will join the international community in the global effort to deal with climate change and meet the demands of the OECD. Israeli became a memeber of the 31-member organization in May.

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