Netafim™ is the global leader in smart drip and micro irrigation solutions for a sustainable future. With more than 35 subsidiaries worldwide, Netafim agronomists and engineers deliver optimal solutions to growers in over 112 countries, with 14 manufacturing facilities around the globe and over 2,400 employees.
Netafim helps the world grow more with less, this means achieving better quality crops and higher yields while using less of the world’s limited resources such as water, land and energy.
Our products provide diverse and comprehensive solutions for cost-effective irrigation for a broad range of crops: open-field crops, orchards, groves, vineyards and more.
Netafim’s broad solutions portfolio includes complete drip irrigation systems for agricultural and landscape irrigation, computerized monitoring and fertilization control systems and turnkey greenhouses projects.
Netafim is jointly owned by three Kibbutzim (Hatzerim, Magal and Yiftach), the Markstone fund and the Tene Fund. The company’s annual sales totaled $504 million in 2009.

Netafim Presentation

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