Tri – Logical Technology

Founded in 1994, Tri-Logical Technologies develops, supplies, supports and maintains management solutions for civilian, security and ‎military organizations.
Tri-Logical integrates its products with Cellular / Wireless communications ‎components, GPS, mobile peripheral equipment, sensors and controllers, to provide both “off the shelf” ‎systems and “tailor-made” solutions to meet the customer needs. These systems are marketed to police, ‎armed forces, special forces, public safety forces, military and civilian command & control centers (C³), ‎cellular providers, organizations that manage fleets of vehicles, service companies, public transportation ‎providers, telemetry users and security service providers firms.‎
Tri-Logical Technologies Ltd. ( of Fishman Group (, that is one of ‎Israel’s Largest and most renowned private investment groups, is ‎a leading provider of integrated solutions for Public Safety and HLS.

Tri-Logical integrates its products with Cellular / Wireless / Satcom communications ‎components, GPS, mobile peripheral equipment, sensors and controllers, to provide both “off the shelf” ‎systems and “tailor-made” solutions to meet the customer needs.
Tri-Logical headquarters and R&D center are located in Israel. It has also established representational ‎offices in Germany and the UK, as well as working closely with overseas partners, including value-added ‎resellers and system integrators.‎
Tri-logical is committed to provide dedicated solutions that respond precisely to customer ‎requirements.

Providing tactical and operational solutions for public safety, security and paramilitary organizations

      Personnel:     mostly academics, comprised mainly of: system engineers, developers and engineers of hardware, software and mechanical, QA and ILS.

      Main Shareholders: Fishman Group  (a leading holding group with over 7,000 employees and over $3B annual turnover) and Foriland Investments.

      ISO 9,001 (since 1999),ISO 14,001 standard from the IQC and ISO 18,000 (in final stage of approval).

      Develops and supplies solutions for management of mobile task force, critical assets and remote sensors.

      Superior know-how and experience – telemetry, cellular and wireless communication, localization, video over narrow band and data communication.

      Multidisciplinary capabilities – combines expertise in: hardware, software design, IT systems, architecture design and DB administration.

      Rapid integration capabilities.

      Complete end-to-end solutions including integration of core technology into “tailor-made” solutions.


      First Responders – comprehensive solution for call center, dispatch center, video center, task management and resources allocation including mobile computing systems for mobile personnel.

      Public Transportation – a full solution for tram, train and buses operators who need PIS, next bus analysis, real time tracking, human resource management and ticketing solution.

      Safe City – a solution for municipal security management including in field sensors integration, human resource management and city police operation.

      Premises Protection – security solution for high-risk compounds, such as air/naval ports, oil refineries, power stations, military facilities, etc.

      Security Platform for Base stations – Access control and verification of security in remote cellular base stations, including Operation and control center (C&C), Access Control System (ACS), Video Surveillance and Management (CCTV), Public Address General Alarm System (PAGA), Perimeter Intrusion Detection System (PIDS), and more.

      Mobile Access Control System (MACS) – in order to handle evolving intrusion threats, Trilogical have developed and supplied the MACS to nuclear facilities, refineries and critical assets.

      VIP protection system – state-of-the-art solutions for management of VIP protection as well as security team. The solution deploys covert means to absolutely make sure the protected person is under surveillance.

      Covert Surveillance – building suspect activity profile, long period tracking of boxes and container are the key issues police and customs authorities resolves when using Trilogical’s  system.

      Pipeline Security – Telemetry from critical sensors along oil and LPG pipelines, in order to detect intrusion.

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