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Fibernet | Specialty fibers to telecommunications infrastructure

Fibernet is an Israeli High-Tech solutions and services provider for businesses, educational institutes, defence forces and government agencies.

They provide secure, seamless connectivity and meaningful collaboration in Data Centers and Control Rooms using IT infrastructure and monitoring solutions, Multimedia Distribution Management.

Fibernet offers high-quality security products to protect enterprise networks and data distribution from cyber threats as a highly skilled expert in cybersecurity tech.

To expand operations overseas, Fibernet is interested to network with other companies in the industry like system integration, IT distribution and multimedia technologies, to further develop the market.

Please reach out to Jeremy if you’d like to connect and review.

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Hailo | AI Processor for Edge Devices

Hailo is developing a microprocessor designed to deliver data-center performance to edge devices by using proprietary technology for deep-learning applications. The processor fits into embedded devices, enabling them to process high-resolution video and other high-throughput streams in real time using deep-learning algorithms while operating at low power consumption, size, and cost. Hailos AI processor is designed to fit into smart devices in a variety of industries and use cases including automotive, smart cities, retail, and Industry 4.0. Hailo’s mission is to enable smart edge technologies reach their full potential. The solution Hailo presents bridges the gap between existing and future AI technologies and the compute capacity needed to power these applications. The company is focused on building AI processors efficient and compact enough to compute and interpret vast amounts of data in real-time — processors that can be embedded in the edge devices themselves. Now, complicated AI applications that could previously only run on the cloud are made possible to run on the edge, and the best part – with a fraction of the power consumption. Hailo was named a cool vendor in Cool Vendors in AI Semiconductors, 2020 by the Gartner Research Group.

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Glassix | Communication Platform for Contact Centers

Glassix is a visual, omni-channel, interactive communication platform for support and sales contact centers. The all-in-one SaaS platform enables customers to reach the contact center from their preferred communication channel (e.g. Facebook, email, website chat, or SMS). Glassix’s online visual tool supports images and video, enabling users to identify problems on-site, instruct customers visually, and reduce ticket-handling time and on-site visits. Glassix also offers digital document signing and sharing.

Currently looking for integrator partners in AU/NZ

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Pollight – Wireless Lighting Automation Company

Pollight has developed a smart command, control and monitoring wireless network system, which encompasses lighting, emergency lighting and air-conditioning controls.

Combining BLE Mesh and Wi-Fi, Pollight’s technology achieves a fully wireless, cloud-based system. It has been developed for deployment in large-scale buildings, and can handle up to ten-thousand devices (including emergency lighting, lighting, HVAC thermostat, etc.).

Pollight is seeking Australian lighting manufacturers, distributors, building maintenance companies and public institutions who are looking to decrease their operational costs and increase efficiency in their lighting control management.

For all enquiries, email Luke at the Israel Trade Commission.

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Scorli | Portable Digital Scoreboard

Scorli LTD. is a global company based in Israel focusing on designing, developing and manufacturing state-of-the-art products for sport and recreation.

Scorli’s flagship product is a portable, wireless scoreboard that can display score results during games by using a smartphone with the Scorli app.

The Scorli app can handle a variety of games including team sports, racket games, beach volleyball, soccer, and more.

The Scorli Scoreboard is designed to meet tough weather conditions. Scorli can offer its standard portable and lightweight scoreboard (64X48 cm) or a Scoreboard with larger sizes upon request.

The standard portable Scoreboard can be placed on a tripod in any corner of a court or simply attached with a wall hanging.

A Smartphone uses the Scorli app to transmit scores to the Scorli Scoreboard in real-time via Bluetooth (up to 70-metre distance).

Sponsors’ logos can easily be displayed using a dedicated Wi-Fi card.

Where are Scorli Scoreboards being used:

Sports centres, Schools, Universities, Sports clubs, and Football teams.

Contact Jeremy to learn more.




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Digital Interview Backdrops for Sports Clubs and Federations

MIXZONE develops digital interview and press conference backdrops with the aim of helping sports clubs increase their revenue from advertisers and sponsors.

MIXZONE interview backdrops are supported by different software technologies: SaaS, screens, a measurement system, and face recognition. Its remote control system enables users to upload/switch media and clips on the backdrop within minutes with no need to be physically near the backdrops.

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gorillaLink is a plug and play PaaS solution that seamlessly enables connectivity of smart devices across multiple satellite networks providing 100% global coverage.

We want to re-define the way industries seamlessly utilise their communication devices in a smart and unprecedented way, that allows them to be more efficient and cost effective.

Easy to integrate edge to cloud via satellite connectivity solution. Billing, link management and on boarding process in a single Platform as a Service. 

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iXDen | Cyber Security for IoT Devices

IXDen provides security software solutions for IoT devices, industrial control systems, and sensors. IXDen introduces patent-pending technology to protect critical infrastructure from attacks via IoT devices by implementing a biometric-like multi-factor authentication approach.

IXDen provides a solution for operational technology and enables users to manage their IoT assets safely and remotely. IXDen employs a new technology to secure IoT devices and brings the equivalent of human identity verification (something users have, something they know, something they are) into M2M communication security while establishing elaborate and strong device identity.

IXDen creates a biometric identity for any IoT device and performs multi-factor authentication driven by proprietary mathematical and behavioral models, statistics, artificial intelligence, and machine learning.

IXDen models statistical behavior of the systems, machines, and processes, and it identifies the system’s normal behavior based on the sensor information, combining pre-knowledge of the device with behavioral analytics.

IXDen’s solution provides companies with an IXDen Grade that indicates the health status of the system and enables detection of abnormal behavior and prediction of potential misbehavior of the system.

If you manage critical infrastructure assets please email us for a proof of value.

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Cellesense – Text-based, Natural Language, Self-service Solutions

Cellesense is working to increase service providers’ productivity and efficiency through a new self-service channel that enables customers to request and receive information automatically or semi-automatically, reducing costs, increasing effectiveness, and improving service efficiency.

The company’s Advisor solution handles queries presented in natural language via multiple interfaces, including SMS, IM, and via the web. It retrieves content and interacts with back-office systems without changing existing infrastructure or database schemas, and sends customers the relevant information they seek. Advisor incorporates a specifically tailored (XML-based) programming language called Advisor Markup Language (AML) with a development environment and applications server called AML virtual machine.

Medium or Large Australian business +

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Step-Hear – Accessibility for People with Blindness, Visual Impairment or Mobility Disability

Step-Hear is an audio-guide wayfinding system for blind and visually impaired people. It works indoors, outdoors, and on public transportation. It assists people with mobility disabilities to remove some obstacles in their daily activities. 

You can get an idea about the system in the short video –

The system combines a free application (or personal wrist-activator) that automatically activates Step-Hear’s unique audio signs – a smart loudspeaker with several audio notifications, active when a user of the app is nearby. 

Step-Hear is the most advanced system of its kind since the audio sign is essential: it is an anchor for the blind and visually impaired, within the relatively wide Bluetooth range – to find a specific point as an entrance door and to know exactly where to stand, so that the guidance to other points of interest, is the most accurate. 

The application provides quite a few features in three different sectors:

Step-Hear Guide

Pinpoint accurate guidance inside buildings and outdoors

  • Helps to find the entrance in a wide range of building façades

Step-Hear Assistant

The app allows people with disabilities to remove some obstacles in their daily life

  • Notify a reception of a venue that a person requiring assistance has arrived
  • Open coded doors with the app
  • Activate a Wheelchair Lift

Step-Hear Urban

A unique system for public transportation

  • Bus system – After selecting the required line – sending the bus driver a message that a person with a disability is waiting at the next stop. 
  • Train system – Audio indication of the train door closest to the user and automated longer door opening times 
  • Pedestrian traffic lights – Automated sound indication to find the crossing, audio description of the junction, automated activation of the indication sound for a red or green light


  • Step-Hear system has won the 2019 Zero Project Award, awarded to the most innovative and effective technologies for accessibility –
  • Step-Hear has won the Seal of Excellence from the EU program for innovations, Horizon 2020
  • Already installed in thousands of venues in Israel and Europe, The Step-Hear system is present in Banks, Universities and Colleges, Shopping Malls, Tourist Attractions, Theatres, Government Offices, Hospitals, Bus Stops and Buses, Parks, &c.

If you know of any entities that could supply or distribute Step-Hear in Australia or New Zealand, we would love to learn about them and connect them with Step-Hear in Israel.

Please email Electronics Manager: