Cunial Antonio Israel L.T.D

The company
The Cunial family has a hundred and twenty years’ experience in the production of terracotta roof tiles and its brand is globally recognized and highly appreciated. During the 1990’s, after a period of significant exportation from Italy throughout the Middle East, the construction of a new factory was started for the production of roof tiles specifically designed for that area.

The production
The factory uses high quality clay obtained from a quarry near the factory, and the raw material is processed with the ceramic method in order to guarantee maximum control over the grain size and purity. The entire factory’s concept is designed to achieve a very high quality. The highly autometed plant is organised in order to carry out production line checks on the individual tile. The production output is 25,000,000 tiles per year with a range of products which includes 3 different types of Marsigliese Tile, the Portoghese Tile and the Portoghese Double Coppo, as well as a wide range of special accessories. There is also a state of the art system for colouring the tiles which provides an infinite range of colours, including the fully glaze tiles. All products are individually fired in a single layer kiln which guarantees perfection in the process and consistent quality in the colouring. A qualified in-house testing laboratory guarantees a unique product in terms of quality and appearance by means of strict quality control procedures defined by the management. The factory and Cunial’s world famous experience are the perfect combination to provide quality and ensure customers satisfaction.

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