Miltel Communications Ltd.

Miltel are seeking local partners for their meter reading and data transmission technology in meter manufacturing and distribution (water, gas, electricity) and system integration.

Miltel has developed a series of commercial applications based upon our proprietary Data Acquisition and Transport (“DAT”) technology. DAT is a wireless communications technology that is adaptable to local radio regulations, and which can be utilized in a wide variety of applications. Unlike other companies, Miltel can connect up to 4 sensors to 1 transmitter.

Miltel products include solutions for:

  • Automatic Meter Reading (water, gas, electricity) for both utilities and for sub-metering (housing authorities, property managers, etc.)
  • District Heating Control (centralized steam heating systems)
  • Sewer Level Monitoring
  • Fire Hydrant Management and Monitoring
  • Agriculture and Irrigation

In addition to direct sale of our products, Miltel manufactures products under OEM license for Netafim Ltd. and Badger Meter Inc. (USA) and has successfully implemented technology around the world with their cost effective, accurate and high transmission range solutions.

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