Cyber-Security Company Perception Point Raises $2m

Perception Point is a cyber-security company that has developed a unique end-point protection information security platform. Their solution offers low performance impact and seamless integration to proactively hunt cyber attackers by exploiting their methods to defend organisations.

The Israel Trade Commission in Sydney assisted Perception Point in the Australian market in February/March 2016 by arranging a series of high level meetings with major banks and system integrators.


As reported in Globes;

Founded by CEO Yevgeny Pats, CTO Shlomi Levin, and VP R&D Michael Aminov, Perception Point has raised $2 million from State of Mind Ventures by Pinchas Buchris, formerly the Director General of the Ministry of Defence, and Yuval Baharav, formerly of Sequoia Capital Israel.

The three entrepreneurs left successful tech firms, after impressive exits, to found Perception Point. Pats previously worked for Hyperwise, which sold to Check Point for $80 million in February; Levin worked for Cyvera, which sold to Palo Alto Networks for $200 million in March 2014; and, Aminov worked for newcomer CyActive, which sold to PayPal for $60 million in March of this year.

Pats, Levin, and Aminov worked together in the IDF’s elite intelligence section, Unit 8200; the investment from Buchris, a former commander of the distinguished unit, represents a fitting closure, as the three trained in a select course created by the SOMV founder.

“Lots of companies offer information security but what sets us apart is our personnel and our capabilities. We all come from a tech background and we built a team composed of the most brilliant information security experts in Israel.

“We know what pains InfoSec managers in different organizations and we know how to provide a solution with the technology that we are developing,” said Pats.

“While methods of attack continue to improve, the intent of the attacker has remained the same over the years: espionage, theft, sabotage, and infection of institutional networks. Our technology can actively identify and stop intruders,” he explained.

“The solution we offer begins working the moment an attack is identified, at which point a report — based on an automatic post-mortem – detailing the type of intrusion, its point of origin, where it spread, and the intent of the attacker,” he added.

Buchris, who helped set up the IDF’s cyber defences, said, “Perception Point is unique because it is working to change several of the classic dynamic between organizations and the hackers targeting them. The company’s technology actively hunts the attackers online, showing its valuable, new capabilities; the company’s team is a unique combination of personnel experienced in the defense sector and the startup world.”

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