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DYN R&D is seeking to partner with distributors for diagnostic products and distributors for women’s health products in Australia.

DYN R&D was founded in 2002 as a development and commercialization subsidiary of DYN Diagnostics Group, since 1990 one of Israel’s largest distributors of leading international brands in the fields of In-Vitro Diagnostics, Medical Devices, Over-the-Counter Products, Disposables and more.

DYN R&D focuses on the fields of Molecular Diagnostics and Medical Devices, as well as  Genetic Agriculture Marker Analysis.

DYN R&D’s two leading products are the DERMADYN IVD kit and CIN Finder 300 Integrated Colposcopy Management System.


Based on more than 7 years of research and development, the DERMADYN is an IVD kit based on real time PCR for fast and reliable Dermatophytes detection. The kit detects 7 different common types of Dermatophytes within 3 hours based on non-invasive body samples – DNA swabs, skin scale specimen, plucked hair, nails and more.

The DERMADYN is used in several main medical centers in Israel.

CIN FINDER 3000 Integrated Colposcopy management system

The CIN FINDER 3000 Integrated Colposcopy Management System offers physicians a comprehensive and accurate examination tool for both the Common Cervix Examination and the Sexual Assault Examination disciplines.

Designed according to the protocols and courses of treatment and embedded with the professional glossaries of each discipline, the system provides an accurate and reliable examination while keeping the examination time to a minimum.

Being a One Stop Shop, the CIN FINDER 3000 system combines the patient management software with a state of the art HD video Colposcopy camera, a medical grade all-in-one computer and a customized, space efficient operator cart.