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Parma Shutters Technologies

Parma Shutters Technologies is seeking strategic partners, investors and distributors for its range of  high  end architectural fenestration products such as Sun louvers, Window shutters, Facades, etc. with access to the leading architects of luxury villas and apartments.

Parma Shutters Technologies has developed an innovative ‘Tilt & Stack’ mechanism for louvered shading products.

The unique functionality, look, and the strong, sturdy Louvers of the Parma Tilt & Stack™ system make it a very attractive product for architectural and engineering systems.

How it works

Parma’s unique and patented mechanism consists of screw bars on both sides of the opening. Traveling nuts are mounted on the screw bars and are in turn mounted to the louvers or bars that will close the opening. The rotation of the screw bars moves the louvers up to open, and down to close the opening.


Parma’s system can support a large variety of applications, from glass louvers to Hurricane shutters. The louver can be installed in various orientations – horizontally as a shutter, vertically for balcony enclosures or mounted as a roof element in a pergola or lanai.