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mPrest is seeking to partner with power utilities and companies in the Homeland Security market in Australia.

mPrest is a leading provider of monitoring, control and analytical software for the Industrial Internet of Things (IoT), HLS and defense sectors. Its product-based platform “connects the dots”across diverse standards and complex systems. Acting as a “system of systems”, the automated platform fully integrates Operational Technology (OT) and Information Technology (IT), delivering an unprecedented situational awareness, together with real-time incident response.

mPrest’s technology is a ‘system of systems’ that can easily integrate data from a very wide range of disparate devices and be adapted to different requirements.

mPrest nurtures strategic partnerships with systems integrators and organizations worldwide, enabling them to optimize their operations by improving system performance, expediting project deployment, and reducing total cost of ownership and risk. Flagship projects include the world-renowned “Iron Dome” Missile Defense System and the first of its kind Asset Health Management System for predicting electrical transformer health.

The company is active in the following global Homeland security (HLS) markets:

  • National centers, critical infrastructure, Smart and Safe cities, Hospitals, Ports, Prisons, Airports and more.
  • Critical facility security protection
  • Telecommunications operators
  • Power and water utilities:

For Distribution Power Utilities mPrest is offering its field proven, state-of-the-art DERMS application (Distributed Energy Resources Management System) as part of a new Demand Side Grid Management capabilities :please refer to Vector DERMS Press Release)

For Generation and Transmission Power Utilities, mPrest is offering its comprehensive Asset Health Management System  that is providing real-time monitoring, powerful analytics and most accurate predictions and alerts regarding critical assets condition (for more information please refer to New York Power Authority Case-Study)

mPrest shareholders:  Rafael Advanced Defense and GE  ( General Electric)Ventures. Vector Limited.