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Israel & Iceland’s Drone Food Delivery

Source: NoCamels

The food delivery industry has experienced great change in recent years. It has moved from a select group of fast food options to the majority of restaurants offering delivery, aided by a flock of companies offering delivery channels.

Flytrex, is an Israeli on demand service which is using drones to meet delivery needs, and not only in the food delivery sector. They have created a cloud based drone delivery management system and are working toward building their own hardware in the future.

Flytrex offer three types of drone delivery services. A small parcel delivery service up to 450 grams within 7kms known as the Flytrex Sky II and the Flytrex Fox that can deliver up to 800 grams within 8kms. The final option is the Flytrex Mule which can deliver up to 3kg within 10kms with an ‘in-air release mechanism that offers the ability to gently lower packages without landing, down-facing radar for safe delivery and more’.

In Iceland, Flytrex have worked on its system with AHA, one of the country’s largest e-commerce companies, and deliver food and phones, among many other products, via 13 different routes about 20 times a day.

Customers are able to follow the progress of their parcel via an app to ensure it is delivered to the correct location and Flytrex’s system controls the delivery logistics with their technology.

Expansion is on the horizon as Flytrex are looking to move into the US market and are making significant progress being ‘selected to participate in an Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS) Integration Pilot Program established by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) to expand testing of commercial drone operations, alongside tech giants like Google, Intel, and Uber’. The program aims to foster the safe use of UAS and will be tested in selected locations around America.

UAS technology could be on the cusp of revolutionizing delivery systems around the world, saving time, lowering costs and limiting the danger posed by traditional delivery systems that rely heavily on cars and bikes.

Flytrex expect to be making official drone deliveries by the end of the year.