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Israel & 5G – the Future of Communication

Source: NoCamels

5G is revolutionizing existing network infrastructure ‘with greater bandwidth, more powerful processing capabilities and minimal delay (latency), the new generation of wireless connectivity will be able to support unprecedented communications and the transfer of massive amounts of data’. The result is a system that boasts a network speed 30-50 times faster than previous ones.

Subsequently downloading movies and games in seconds and opening opportunities in furthering technology in autonomous car, smart manufacturing, agriculture, industrial facilities, and healthcare fields among many others. The new network and infrastructure can facilitate more efficient drone delivery, database searching and even medical surgeries as the world relies more and more on robotics.

Development of 5G technology is being advanced by various powerful players, with Intel being one of the leaders as they see 5G as a key component of their vision to handle data through ‘collection, transmission and processing storage’. Intel Israel is using the hotbed of Israeli innovation to see this vision come to fruition.

Elkana Ben Sinai, VP, Intel Communications and Devices Group (iCDG) and General Manager of the Wireless Product Group in an interview with NoCamels stated that “5G is a revolution on all levels: devices, cloud operators, service providers, and content providers. It means a whole new network and new infrastructure. There will be a sharp increase in the number of people connected and everything will be connected and able to communicate”.

This means that “your fridge will be able to know that you are running low on milk, for example. Drone deliveries will be everywhere, the use of autonomous cars will lead to zero road accidents, artificial intelligence capabilities will be able to search databases in seconds, medical surgeries will be more precise and reliable, the world itself will be way more robotized,” Ben Sinai adds.