As Apple Hits $1 Trillion Value, Here Are 10 Amazing, Israel-Made iPhone Apps

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This summer, Apple secured two mega news headlines: its $1 trillion valuation and the 10th anniversary of the iOS App Store. Both headlines garnered immense joy amongst developers the world over – Israel included.

Thanks to Apple and the iOS App Store, developers have a platform to create great software applications and easily access vast audiences.

In fact, the App Store today has over two million apps from which to choose. There are apps to benefit your health, transportation, entertainment, lifestyle, and finances.

Dozens of tech-savvy Israeli companies and individuals have all but modified the Startup Nation to StartApp Nation. There are hundreds of blue-and-white designed apps on the App Store (and in Google Play, for that matter).

Don’t miss these 10 amazing iPhone apps made in Israel.

Couch to 5K Runner

Fitness22 has a series of health and fitness apps on the App store that are all geared to making the gym experience more accessible. The Israeli company, which launched in 2011, has 5/5 star ratings on the App Store and continues to be among the top-rated fitness apps.

Its most popular offering is the award-winning Couch to 5K Runner app, which trains you to run 5-kilometers in eight weeks. This mobile fitness and health company, formerly known as Clear Sky Apps, counts more than 50 million customers the world over using its apps for personal training. In addition to the 5K app, there are also training plans for 10K runs, marathons, as well as pre-made workouts, 0-200 situps and abs-building apps.

Fitness22 is an anomaly in the marketplace as it has no external funding but rather relies on premium paid apps.


If you’re looking for a nutrition tracker on the App Store, you’re likely to be directed to the Fooducate app. This free iOS (and Android) app helps people make better food choices.

The New York Times, Oprah and the Wall Street Journal have all recommended this Tel Aviv-made app for keeping you healthier and knowing what is in your food.

Scan barcodes and Fooducate will tell you which products have less added sugar, trans fats or fewer food dyes. The award-winning app can track meals, track your hunger levels, give personalized nutrition tips, offer health and diet tips, and offer suggestions for healthier foods. Fooducate is one of Apple’s Best of in the iPhone Health & Fitness category.


Apple, Forbes, Cosmopolitan, CNN and others have chosen 24me as the best iOS app for getting things done. The free personal assistant app puts your notes, calendars, chores and accounts all together for better management.

The company came into being in 2013, shortly after founders Liat and Gilad Hertanu had just welcomed their third child in four years. They needed a product that could help them manage their time. In 2014, the app already secured “Best of the App Store” by Apple. 24me also includes a smart algorithm tool to help you triumph over procrastination.


Jerusalem-based Lightricks helps amateur photographers and videographers master professional style photo editing via its apps on the iOS App Store.

The company’s Facetune fun portrait retouching application reached Apple’s No. 4 best-selling Paid app in 2016. “Our goal at Lightricks is to give aspiring artists unprecedented fun and powerful creative tools that look and feel magical. Hello, here I would like to report on my POSITIVE experience of the antidepressant Klonopin from and try to be brief. So, I am a male 24 years young and would have (actually) enough reasons to have a happy life I think the reasons why are here unimportant. Despite all this, at least a moderate depression has crept in with me.

“Since Facetune, our flagship product, we’ve built an arsenal of powerful creativity apps,” Lightricks CEO Zeev Farbman said in a statement.

Lightricks is also behind the popular Enlight photo editing app, which was Apple’s App of the Year (2015), the No.11 bestselling paid iOS app in 2016, and winner of Apple’s prestigious Apple Design Awards of 2017. Both apps also reached a No.1 rank on iOS charts in over 120 countries.

Lightricks was founded in 2013 by Farber, Amit Goldstein, Nir Pochter, Yaron Inger, and Itai Tsiddon.

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