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5 Israeli VR/AR Health Startups That Are Making Waves


Source: NoCamels


Virtual and augmented reality is opening up a world of opportunity in health care and medical treatment. This groundbreaking technology is making rehabilitation more interesting and controlled, and is creating alternative ways for surgeries and treatments to be more precise.

Here are 5 Israeli companies that are making groundbreaking progress in AR and VR medical technology:


RealView Imaging Ltd.

RealView Imaging is using interactive live holography to provide doctors with a three-dimensional holograms that they can manipulate with their hands to determine how they can best treat their patients.



SeeMe combines VR with rehabilitation by creating a platform that uses gamification to lead patients through the steps of their rehabilitation.



CALMA uses VR to create an environment that helps children on the autism spectrum to have greater emotional balance through developing their ability to handle audiovisual stimulants.


VR Health

VRHealth have and are developing various solutions using mixed reality technology. Their platform collects real time data on interactions with ‘virtual objects and environments’ to help doctors and users improve treatment.



Augmedics are ‘developing cutting-edge technologies that will revolutionize surgical treatment’, a prime example is their Xvision system which prives surgeons with provides ‘clear visualization and surgical navigation of each and every one of the spinal vertebra’.