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Nutrilees is working to create an affordable and sustainable food source that contains proteins, dietary fibres, and minerals out of industrial wine residue. This upcycled byproduct can be incorporated in a large variety of food applications; offers a neutral taste; and is non-allergenic, gluten-free, and vegan.

From an article on IdeaSpies

When I first came across this company on a global virtual conference for AgriFood Tech startups looking for venture capital, I realised this was perfect for the Australian market. It turns out that they knew that too. Arguably it’s better (not in my opinion because it has no-taste unlike delicious Vegemite) because Nutrilees produces a superfood from a by-product (lees) that becomes a powder, useful for fortifying foods with additional dietary fibre and protein. I can’t wait to see them venture in Australia and find their superfood on our shelves. (Good things take time, like wine, vegemite, and nutritional-lees.)