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Vigdu Technologies

Vigdu Technologies is creating solutions to prevent potential induced degradation (PID) and restore system efficiency from power degradation in photovoltaic (PV) cells. The company’s main products are external and embedded PID Preventive and Restorative Degradation Devices for string and central inverters.

The device is connected to the solar system and renews affected solar panels overnight by applying voltage against and recovering power degradation in the PV modules.

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Behavioural Intelligence Platform – Now Utilised by Labs and MoH for their ViruScore

Neura empowers organizations to make strategic, data-driven decisions based on large-scale human behavior and activity signals. Its Behavior Intelligence Platform transforms vast amounts of anonymized data into actionable, impactful and monetizable insights based on population behavior and lifestyle., Neura’s brand solution, enables powerful behavioral intelligence, audiencing, and CRM enrichment, combined with highly effective, contextually relevant engagement, pinpointing optimal moments of availability for increased monetization.

The population engagement platform uniquely positions Neura to help solve the new challenges that have resulted from the COVID-19 pandemic., Neura’s COVID-19 solution equips policymakers, health organizations, and businesses with real-time tools to monitor, predict and contain the Coronavirus pandemic. Providing decision-makers with the necessary insights to safely reopen the economy.

The Behavior Intelligence data is also utilized by labs and HMOs as part of Neura’s ViruScore, a COVID-19 predictive testing solution enabling more effective pooled

Neura’s website:

Neura in the Israeli Press:,7340,L-3844697,00.html

Neura’s Behaviour Intelligence Platform for Melbourne:

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Cybersecurity Solutions for Critical Infrastructure Networks

Radiflow is a leading provider of cybersecurity solutions designed for critical infrastructure networks (i.e. SCADA) such as power utilities, oil and gas, water, and others. The company’s security toolset validates the behavior of both M2M applications and human-to-machine (H2M) sessions in distributed operational networks.

Radiflow’s security solutions are available both as inline gateways for remote sites and as a nonintrusive intrusion-detection system (IDS) that can be deployed per site or centrally. Its solutions are sold either integrated into a wider end-to-end solution of global automation vendors or as a stand-alone security solution by local channel partners.

The company was founded in 2009 as part of the RAD group, a family of ICT vendors with over $1 billion in annual revenues. Radiflow Solutions was launched at the end of 2011 and validated by leading research labs and successfully deployed by major utilities worldwide.

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Volumetric Video Capture System

TetaVi’s capture technology enables the generation of high-quality volumetric content with 4-8 depth cameras when dealing with fast motion and capturing details. TetaVi’s system uses proprietary hardware that can be deployed in any venue, delivering high-fidelity holograms.

The company’s technology and volumetric capture system enable brands to generate 3D assets, scenes, and performances. TetaVi’s system is scalable so customers can select the solution that best fits their needs.

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Cannalean Biotech

CBD-based Solutions for Treating Dyslipidemia

CannaLean Biotechs is committed to the research and development of a proprietary formulation of cannabidiol (CBD) and chitosan that can potentially benefit millions of patients with dyslipidemia.

CannaLean uses a synthetic form of CBD, a non-psychotropic component of cannabis, with chitosan, a biocompatible, non-toxic, and non-immunogenic compound that enhances the potential of CBD to reduce lipid blood levels. The company’s preliminary results show the effect of the formulation on cholesterol and triglyceride

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Application Security Testing Solutions

Checkmarx provides application security solutions. Its static application security testing offers a platform for true source-code analysis at any point throughout the software development lifecycle. This allows for the detection of vulnerabilities at an earlier, pre-build stage, thereby reducing risk and cost.

The Checkmarx solution is designed to decrease tension between security and development needs and to ensure maximum application security in enterprise and cloud platform models.

Checkmarx was a challenger in the 2014 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Application Security Testing and was named in “15 Israeli Startups to Watch in 2016” by Inc. magazine. In 2018, 2019, and 2020 the company was recognized as a leader in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for Application Security Testing.


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AMI Tens

Hardware and Kits for Measuring Soil Conditions

AMI Tens produces tensiometers, soil water samplers, and a variety of accessories for monitoring moisture, fertilizers, and salinity in the soil. The company’s product line is based on a porous ceramic cap specifically designed for absorbing soil moisture.

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GalMobile – Water Purification Vehicle

If this is not the coolest mobile desalination plant >< water purification tool then I don’t know what is. Israel does not have many natural resources, including clean drinking water. Australia has an issue with drinking water, and specifically, the Indigenous populations can stand to benefit from this: Gal Mobile. Drinking Water, Any Source, Any Time, Anywhere is their Motto; Innovative, Independent, Integrated Water Purification System, designed to produce high-quality Drinking Water, meeting the World Health Organization’s standards everywhere under any conditions. The only problem? They’re not yet in Australia, and yes that is Modi and Netanyahu captured together.

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Texel – Personalized OTT Viewing Experiences


Texel delivers highly personalized viewing experiences at scale. The company leverages its platform-as-a-service to combine multiple streams, data, and social media. Each viewer gets a unique, customized TV screen view based on personal choices such as camera angle and selection of favourite commentators. Texel enables viewers to connect households into a shared viewing experience. Texel is offered as a cloud/edge-based service to OTT providers.

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Nutrilees is working to create an affordable and sustainable food source that contains proteins, dietary fibres, and minerals out of industrial wine residue. This upcycled byproduct can be incorporated in a large variety of food applications; offers a neutral taste; and is non-allergenic, gluten-free, and vegan.

From an article on IdeaSpies

When I first came across this company on a global virtual conference for AgriFood Tech startups looking for venture capital, I realised this was perfect for the Australian market. It turns out that they knew that too. Arguably it’s better (not in my opinion because it has no-taste unlike delicious Vegemite) because Nutrilees produces a superfood from a by-product (lees) that becomes a powder, useful for fortifying foods with additional dietary fibre and protein. I can’t wait to see them venture in Australia and find their superfood on our shelves. (Good things take time, like wine, vegemite, and nutritional-lees.)