SAYE Holdings Ltd.

SAYE Holdings Ltd. is an Israeli company with global business interests that represents top tier Israeli B2B technology companies in select markets and develops its own in-house technology projects within specific verticals. SAYE a one-stop-shop for high-end corporate security solutions, including Eavesdropping Proof Safe Rooms (also known in the US as SCIF; Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility). 

Corporate meeting rooms are where most corporate and market sensitive information is created and shared. With SAYE’s SAFE HAVEN anti-eavesdropping technology, companies can be assured their information is securely protected against hostile elements. An eavesdropping proof room is an isolated room that is built as a “bubble” within an existing conference room or office. This room is protected against external listening devices, electro-magnetic energy leaks (RF Shielding) and against direct hostile eavesdropping (acoustics shielding)

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