Sonovia’s SonoMask | Tel Aviv Stock Exchange Listed Company

Sonovia – active protection technology company against pathogens, is looking for an import partner.

About Sonovia:

Sonovia specialises fabrics treatment through its proprietary formulations of zinc oxide nanoparticles that neutralize pathogenic nanoparticles such as bacteria, viruses, and fungi.

The technology incorporates the desired added-value properties through Nano-particles into the DNA, making the retention of these properties by the fabric highly durable in comparison with the standard wet-processing application used in the market today.

About Sonovia’s Face Mask:

The company’s SonoMask uses an anti-pathogen fabric based on metallic nanoparticles, which are proven to be more than 90 per cent effective against coronaviruses and 99.89% effective against other viruses, even up to 100 washing rounds.

Sonovia Technology Presentation:

Sonovia in the news:

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