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Clairion – Industrial Pollutant Removal Solutions

Clairion is a cleantech startup specializing in innovative solutions for the removal of pollutants from industrial flue gas streams using novel patented technology developed by experts in green chemistry.

The company’s solutions include C-HgR for removing mercury (Hg), and C-MPR, a multiple-pollutant removal solution for removing NOx, SOx, Hg, and other pollutants and transforming them into useful products. Both solutions utilize novel liquid-based absorption and separation processes.

Clairion’s absorbing liquid is implemented in a wet scrubber in which the liquid comes in contact with the flue gas. Pollutants are simultaneously separated from the gas and absorbed by the liquid. In a parallel selective separation process, the pollutants are then extracted for use as products with commercial value and the liquid is fully regenerated and reused.

Clairion’s technology is scalable and therefore applicable to a variety of industries, plants, and processes. Its solutions offer high removal efficiency for regulatory compliance in a smaller footprint while providing usable product instead of waste streams, with overall cost reductions of up to 30% or more.

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