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Aunt Berta by Beth-El Food

Carmel Natural Products Ltd. & Aunt Berta™

Carmel Natural Products Ltd. and Aunt Berta’s specialty foods blossomed from the desire to ­create wholesome, naturally flavourful cuisine. The enterprises have grown to production for worldwide consumption and expanded from preserves to bread, cookies, honey, and more.

The inspiration for Aunt-Berta’s Specialty Foods began in a small European mountain village three ­generations ago where Aunt Berta used the choice fresh fruits she lovingly grew on her farm, cooked them just enough to preserve its natural colour and to bring out the natural flavour, and turned them into mouth-watering ­preserves and marmalades. Aunt Berta’s Specialty Foods’ delicious, comforting flavours can be found in homes throughout Israel, the United States, Canada, and Europe.

In ‘Aunt Berta’ store you can find a wide range of boutique products of international quality produced with dedication and in a method that preserves the traditional recipes from the country cuisine. The factory store has a wide range of quality products: preserves, spreads & sauces according to recipes passed down from generation to generation; Breads and rolls in a variety of ­flavors produced daily; Quality boutique chocolate in unique flavors; Honey, and more.

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