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Israeli President Isaac Herzog Becomes World’s First President to Try Cultivated Meat

Israeli President Isaac Herzog has become the first president to taste cultivated meat, produced by Future Meat, in order to bring attention to alt protein for Israel’s National Climate Strategy ahead of COP26.

In December last year, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu took part in a publicised trip to sample Aleph Farms’ product, making him the first Head of State to sample cultivated meat, however, this recent news marks the first sampling of meat cultivated in a laboratory by a President.

In addition to Future Meat, Israeli startups Zero Egg and InnovoPro were in attendance to showcase their products to the delegation.

President Herzog stated to the attendees: “It is imperative that we take advantage of the international stage in Glasgow to present the extensive Israeli climate tech and solutions we can offer globally in climate innovation and development of alternatives to animal protein. We certainly have much to be proud of.”

Fascinating and innovative

In a post on the President’s official Facebook page, Herzog wrote: “Today, the President’s House opened its doors to a fascinating and innovative exhibition in which revolutionary technological solutions in the field of environmental protection were presented. I was excited to be the first president in the world to eat cultured meat. It was amazingly delicious!”

Israeli Minister of Environmental Protection Ms. Tamar Zandberg: “The most important thing the Corona crisis has taught us is that we must listen to science, both to understand the problems and to find solutions. This is true also for the climate crisis, and we have seen some of the solutions here [at the reception]. I ate chicken for the first time in seven years, it was cultivated chicken. This technology will not only change Israel but will contribute to the whole world.”  

GFI Israel Managing Director Nir Goldstein: “It is not a coincidence that foodtech and alternative protein are at the forefront of the Israeli delegation to Glasgow and were discussed between Prime Minister Bennett and President Biden. This Israeli technology is a strategic asset to our country in this era of climate crisis.”

Israeli President Isaac Herzog Becomes World’s First President to Try Cultivated Meat

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