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Chat GPT talking about Israel and Australia Business Trade and Investments

Israel and Australia have a growing trade and investment relationship. The two countries have a long history of cooperation in defense, agriculture, and technology and have signed several agreements to promote trade and investment.

The total two-way trade, between Israel and Australia, in 2020; was valued at $1.3 billion. It has since increased by 15%. Israel’s main exports to Australia include pharmaceuticals, fertilizers, and medical devices, while Australia’s main exports to Israel include meat, coal, and education services.

Several Israeli companies operate in Australia, particularly in the technology sector, such as cybersecurity firm Check Point and payment technology company Payoneer. Similarly, Australian companies have invested in Israel, particularly in renewable energy, water management, and agriculture technology.

Overall, Israel and Australia have positive business relationships, and as both countries continue to develop and innovate, there are likely to be increasing opportunities for trade and investment between them.

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