Two Israeli start-ups, WinFlex, a wind-energy company, and GridON, which outfits electric grids, were among the five winners of the GE Ecomagination Challenge.  

Selected out of more than 4,000 entries from around the globe, each winner received $100,000 to further develop their ideas, which had to fall into three broad categories: Renewables, Grid and Eco Homes/Eco Buildings. 

GridON, based in Givatayim, was rewarded for its current-limiter device, which protects the electric grid from disruptions and power outages, increasing the grid’s reliability and enabling it to handle the intermittent nature of renewable energy sources better. The technology was developed in collaboration with Bar-Ilan University.

WinFlex, a Kiryat Yam-based company, won based on its inflatable wind turbine made from inexpensive cloth sheets. The lightweight wind turbine is said to reduce installation costs by at least 50 percent.

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