Video: The Churches of Jerusalem

Though there are many sacred sites peppered around Israel, Jerusalem has a magic no other place can produce. Jerusalem is home to beautiful churches and other sacred and historical sites Israel has more than a million specifically Christian visitors each year. Many of them spend most of their time in Jerusalem – where pilgrims fromContinue reading “Video: The Churches of Jerusalem”


Two Israeli start-ups, WinFlex, a wind-energy company, and GridON, which outfits electric grids, were among the five winners of the GE Ecomagination Challenge.   Selected out of more than 4,000 entries from around the globe, each winner received $100,000 to further develop their ideas, which had to fall into three broad categories: Renewables, Grid andContinue reading “TWO ISRAELI COMPANIES WIN GE CLEANTECH CHALLENGE”

Ready to reap a potential windfall

As reported by Israel21c: While gas and oil exploration rigs have been dominating the energy news headlines in Israel of late, at least one man and his company think Israel should try to catch the wind to meet the country’s ever-increasing energy needs. Zahal (also the Hebrew acronym for IDF – Israel Defense Forces) Harel,Continue reading “Ready to reap a potential windfall”

New renewable energy research center

As reported by Israel21c: A renewable energy research center is to be established in southern Israel. It will be operated by the Arava Group, initiated by Ben-Gurion University of the Negev (BGU) and the Eilat-Elot municipality. The Arava Group recently won a tender from the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Labor to establish and operateContinue reading “New renewable energy research center”

Changing the way we chat

As reported by Israel21c  a Revolutionary new Israeli Videochats program means you can chat directly from Facebook, while Website owners can chat directly to customers and enhance sales. Video chatting – communicating through an instant messaging program via a webcam – is nothing new, but a novel application created by Israeli entrepreneur, mathematician and linguistContinue reading “Changing the way we chat”

BIRD Energy to Invest $4.2m in 5 US-Israel Projects

As reported in IVC: The projects’ total aggregate budget is $12.8 million. Israel-United States Binational Industrial Research and Development Foundation (BIRD-F) unit BIRD Energy will invest $4.2 million in five new joint renewable energy projects by US and Israeli companies. The projects’ total aggregate budget is $12.8 million. The projects are a system for energyContinue reading “BIRD Energy to Invest $4.2m in 5 US-Israel Projects”