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Cyberbit | Cybersecurity Training and Simulation Platform

Looking for connections to Australian potential customers (Public sector, Gov, Defence, Enterprises and MSSP) in addition to potential distributors and resellers.

In Australia, TAFE QLD and Queensland University recently started using the Cyberbit range to train their students. Please feel free to review the videos below and see how Cyberbit has transformed its cyber training:

  1. University of Queensland, Australia chooses Cyberbit – YouTube
  2. Cyberbit delivers next-gen cyber skills to TAFE Queensland students – YouTube

If you are interested to learn more about Cyberbit, please view their website and see the brief:


Brief: Hundreds of organisations use Cyberbit to train their staff and students how to defend against cyber-attacks. The Cyberbit platform delivers hyper-realistic training scenarios that simulate real-world cyber-attacks in a virtual security operations center (SOC), including market-leading security tools and enterprise-grade networks. Cyberbit customers receive hands-on experience detecting, responding to, and mitigating real-world cyber-attacks and developing the muscle memory needed to respond to threats on the job. 

Some of their customers are shown below:

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