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IronSphere | Security Monitoring for IBM Legacy Systems

Securiteam’s IronSphere software specialises in monitoring legacy mainframe systems still operating in banks and insurance businesses. Providing 24/7 surveillance, IronSphere’s technology monitors for security or infrastructure changes and provides real-time vulnerability reporting.

IronSphere automatically compares each application to its Security Technical Information Guidelines (STIGs) to find vulnerabilities, altered system settings, modified operands and other discrepancies.

If an issue is detected, IronSphere launches automatic diagnostic routines to determine:

  • Security problems and errors
  • Root causes
  • Which components are affected
  • Priorities of highest to lowest risk

IronSphere is seeking to connect with banks and insurance providers in the Australian market who operate with IBM legacy systems.

For all enquiries, email Luke at the Israel Trade Commission.

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Investing in the Future of Medicine

At an estimated $6.2 billion, Israel’s healthcare technology industry is a global leader in innovations across various medical fields. With over 1,400 digital health start-ups to date, Israel ranks 5th in the world according to the World Index for Healthcare Innovation. 

Investors have taken notice of such success. According to a recent survey conducted by McKinsey & Company group of Israeli venture capital funds and investment bodies, 60 percent of investors said they expect to invest more in digital health in 2022, with only 4 percent expecting to invest less than in 2021. These findings are particularly significant due to record-breaking fundraising throughout 2021.

One particularly notable example of such investment is the recent announcement by Israeli medical investment firm Peregrine Ventures. Together with partners Bristol Myers Squibb, Shaarei Tzedek Medical Hospital, Tel Aviv University, and more, Peregrine recently announced over 300 million NIS (90 million USD) in investment for the development of medical therapeutics, devices, and pharmaceuticals. The fund will also focus on advanced diagnostics for identification, monitoring, and personalized medicine. 

As stated by Eyal Lifschitz, Managing Partner and Co-Founder of Peregrine Ventures, “The establishment of this consortium will enrich and diversify our ability to lead young life sciences ventures, support them financially in every phase of their lifecycle including follow-on investments in their growth stages, and lead them to success in the global market. This is an integrated, global, and elite team that has the confidence in the ability of Israeli entrepreneurs to develop the next generation of successful medical companies.”

Peregrine Ventures‘ startup incubator, Incentive Technology Incubator, already has an impressive track record. 34 of the 60 companies established in Incentive remain active, and the graduated companies have reached a combined $5 billion. Valtech Cardio, a particularly successful graduate, was sold to Edwards Lifesciences for $690 million in 2017.

The recent investment announcement by Peregrine Ventures and partners will further cement Israel as a global center for medical innovation. Below is a list of successful Israeli medical startups who have benefited from Peregrine Ventures’ Incentive Technology Incubator:

Valtech Cardio specializes in the development of devices for mitral valve repair and replacement. The company’s Cardinal facilitates implantation and suturing that is very similar to that of regular annuloplasty rings, performed through the left atrium. The Cardinal’s ring is attached to a patented, ergonomically designed, flexible handle, which enables the surgeon to control the ring size.

CartiHeal develops proprietary implants for the treatment of cartilage and osteochondral defects in traumatic and osteoarthritic joints. CartiHeal’s cell-free, off-the-shelf implant, Agili-C, is CE marked for use in cartilage and osteochondral defects. Agili-C is a rigid, biphasic, biodegradable implant. The bone phase of the implant is composed of calcium carbonate in aragonite crystalline form, a well-known biomaterial that enhances bone formation. The cartilage phase is a composite of modified aragonite and hyaluronic acid.

Cardiovalve is developing cardiovascular replacement devices for minimally invasive surgery. Its flagship system is designed to replace the mitral valve using a transfemoral system. Cardiovalve is designed from the bottom up for transfemoral/transseptal delivery with femoral venous access. This approach offers significant benefits including a short profile for minimal protrusion to the left ventricle, minimizing interference in the cardiac blood flow, and increased safety.

Eximo Medical is developing hybrid catheter technology for tissue resection in vascular and gastrointestinal endoluminal applications. The company’s proprietary single-use hybrid catheter, Auryon, combines optical fibers that deliver short laser pulses and a blunt mechanical knife.

Digma Medical is a clinical-stage medical device company developing a novel endoscopic treatment for metabolic disease designed to complement standard medical management. The Digma System ablates the duodenum to interrupt metabolic signaling pathways, reducing insulin resistance and improving glycemic control.

Curesign is a medical device company aiming to disrupt the way oncologists treat patients with cancer. The company’s solution is based on the integration of sensors with advanced signal processing and big data tools. Curesign’s product, which is in the advanced stages of development, is designed to allow clinical teams to tailor a patient-specific treatment for each cancer patient.

Sources: Israel HayomCalcalistechFreoppUSA International Trade AdministrationIsrael HayomNoCamels 

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Israeli Trusted Solutions in Financial Fraud Detection

Many crimes are typically committed for financial gain. The same applies to cybercrime which is being conducted more frequently for financial gain.

Financial fraud incidences have increased in tandem with the enormous expansion in the usage of Mobile banking, Internet banking, Mobile Wallets, e-commerce, and online share trading. They include those involving credit cards, debit cards, online and mobile banking, insurance, computer manipulation, accounting schemes, etc.

Israel is renowned for being a leader in Fintech innovation and cyber security. Also regarded as a “Start-up Nation” over the past three decades, she has been at the forefront of developing solutions that have improved the security of countries and even organizations. 

In this blog post, we are delighted to share some of the top Israeli Fraud Detection Solutions:

  1. SONAR by ThetaRay: SONAR is a cloud-native SaaS solution for fintech to easily launch AI-driven transaction monitoring and screening that efficiently detects and prevents money-laundering (AML) and other financial crimes, allowing new business opportunities through trusted and reliable payments. Using an advanced form of AI called “artificial intelligence intuition” and a family of proprietary, patented algorithms, SONAR analyses data dynamically without relying on predefined scenarios or models.
  • RISKIFIED by RiskifiedA fraud solution that helps merchants approve orders they would have declined. It protects customers from malicious account takeover attacks, combat payment failures at checkout, and helps merchants block abuse while upholding consumer-friendly policies. The e-commerce risk management platform helps merchants eliminate risk and uncertainty in their businesses by leveraging machine learning which aggregates data from many of the world’s largest online merchants and creates network effects that drive higher sales and generate cost savings for their merchants. 
  • BioCatch: delivers advanced behavioural insights providing global organizations with actionable intelligence to create a secure and frictionless digital customer journey. They create a world of trust and ease across the entire digital identity lifecycle from Account Opening Protection, Account Takeover protection, Mule Account Detection, Social Engineering Scam Detection, etc.
  • AGROSCOPE by Detelix Software Technologies Limited: Argoscope checks 24/7 all company payments, including suppliers, customers, insureds, salaries, and any other organizational process in order to detect errors, fraud, and embezzlement in time, also the work procedures compliance. Argoscope integrates into every possible database, thus examining every end-to-end business process. The system is based on the knowledge and experience of the best experts, including finance managers, risks, internal auditors, information security, and cyber of the large organizations in Israel, using machine learning, business intelligence, re-learning, and developing new algorithms on an ongoing basis. Argoscope keeps track of an organization’s assets anywhere, anytime, anytime.
  • ARGOS EDGE by Cyberint: a SaaS-based Digital Risk Protection (DRP) platform that enables security teams to identify and address any existing cyber risk exposures coming from beyond the traditional security perimeters. This DRP solution is fully integrated with attack surface monitoring capabilities, with the ability to pivot to real-time threat intelligence. It provides a holistic and proactive approach to thwarting threats beyond the perimeter. The result is complete and superior life cycle protection from a broad range of external threats, based on a three-pronged approach of discovery, monitoring, and remediation.
  • SIX INTELLIGENCE SETS by Paygilant: These dynamic layers analyze and correlate relevant information throughout the user’s journey, determining whether a transaction is safe or risky. Throughout this process, Paygilant observes various attributes related to the user, device, application, and transaction. This is used to weave an identity representation of the user, providing a risk score that indicates the risk level of each transaction.

The financial crime landscape keeps evolving every day as cybercriminals are using a combination of hacking and social engineering techniques to bypass current financial and corporate institutions’ security. Increased vigilance and awareness of such threats to the financial sector are encouraged to keep up with the cyber security war.

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ThetaRay | AI-Powered Big Data Analytics

ThetaRay is an artificial intelligence and big data analytics company helping financial organizations, cybersecurity divisions, and critical infrastructure becomes more resilient and seizes more opportunities. Its advanced analytical solutions operate with high speed, accuracy, and scale, enabling clients to manage risk, discover money laundering schemes, uncover fraud, expose bad loans, detect operational issues, and reveal valuable new growth opportunities.

The company was named a cool vendor in “Cool Vendors in Security for Technology and Service Providers, 2015” by the Gartner Research Group.

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Comprehensive B2B Ecommerce Platform

Pepperi has developed an all-in-one B2B commerce platform to provide sales agility to growing brands and wholesalers. The company’s easily configurable enterprise-grade software combines field sales automation, retail merchandising, and B2B eCommerce in an integrated mobile solution that runs on all devices to maximize in-person and online B2B sales.

Pepperi was named a cool vendor in “Cool Vendors in Digital Commerce, 2018” by the Gartner Research Group.

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Smart Mobility Startups Looking to Raise Capital

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Funding Target

Circa $20,000,000


Series C

Co Investors





OurCrowd is hosting a webinar/conference call for investors to meet CEO David Maman and to learn more about

Thursday, October 21st, at 8:00PM Israel/ 1:00PM New York/ 10:00AM San Francisco is enabling dramatic improvements in telemedicine by providing an array of vital signs using a smartphone, tablet, laptop or any device with a camera. can collect heart rate, oxygen saturation, respiration rate, heart rate variability, and mental stress within one minute using the device’s camera. In the near future, the system will also be able to provide blood pressure and hemoglobin level.’s software-only solution is based on a mix of signal processing, AI, and a proprietary mathematical framework. The user simply looks into the camera. A person’s skin is constantly undergoing rapid changes in color which reflect the body’s physical state and functioning.’s technology detects these changes to draw conclusions about a person’s vital signs. Testing indicates the system determines these vital signs with comparable accuracy to an Apple Watch or manual readings.

All processing is done on the end-user device – the system can provide readouts to the user even without an internet connection. If coupled with a wearable device, this provides the possibility of continuous monitoring. Computing on the edge device is also desirable from a data security standpoint. supports a number of different applications including digital health, insurance, and wellness.


  • Emerging leader in fast-growing telemedicine sector accelerated by Covid-19
  • Platform embedded in insurers’ own smartphone app uses AI and machine learning to upload vital medical signs to insurance providers via standard video without special hardware
  • Full analysis of vital signs including heart rate/variability, oxygen saturation, respiration, mental stress level and more; hemoglobin and sector holy grail of blood pressure expected soon


The World Health Organization estimates that by 2030 there will be a shortage of more than 18 million health care workers worldwide, placing tremendous additional pressure on health systems to adopt the greater efficiencies possible through telemedicine.

OurCrowd is investing in, an Israeli startup that is disrupting the remote, real-time health data monitoring market with a software-only solution that extracts vital signs in one minute using a smartphone, tablet, laptop or any digital device with a camera. The details herein are based on information received from, and verified solely by, the company.

Current techniques for remote vital-sign monitoring include an array of different devices including oximeters, thermometers, blood pressure cuffs, respiration monitors, heart-rate monitors, smartwatches and other wearables. The use of these devices produces constant friction in terms of cost, maintenance, shipping, charging, usability limitations and upgrades.

By detecting subtle changes in skin color via a standard video from a digital camera, can provide heart rate, oxygen saturation, respiration rate, heart rate variability, and mental stress. reports that its technology is superior to that of its competitors as it is equipped to extract more of the body’s vital signs and functions without an active internet connection. Soon, the system will also be able to provide hemoglobin level and even blood pressure – the holy grail of the health-monitoring industry. search

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OTTO Restaurant

OTTO Restaurant is looking to establish itself as the leading edge purveyor of the Gastro-Techno experience. There is nothing quite like this anywhere in the world.

In order to achieve this OTTO is actively seeking an investor / investors to fund its first Restaurant in Tel Aviv. The investment is in the order of US$ 1,000,000.

Click here to see the Executive Summary.

Click here to see the full demonstration and business plan


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Nominal Small Business Accounting Software

Nominal Accounting Software is fully-featured accounting software that includes many features you would only expect from top end (i.e. expensive) accounting packages.
Nominal Accounting offers your business the following benefits:

* Simple, user-friendly interface (based on Office Ribbons)
* Basic payroll functions, employee payroll details, pay cycles and pay slips
* The ability to manage quotes, sales, purchases and bank transactions
* A relational database for full flexibility
* Double entry bookkeeping system for better accounting control
* The ability to import your bank statements
* Tools to help you manage your data, simply
* Inventory tracking for items you sell or buy
* Online BAS submission, using the government’s SBR initiative
* Online TFN Declaration submission
* The ability to customise invoices, purchases, quotes etc
* Receivables and Payables Analysis
* Easy to use reports and graphs
* Windows 7 Themes

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Eilat Law Offices

International Law and collecting services

Member of TCM group (, ACA organization ( and The International Association of Commercial Collectors, (

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