By way of review – BlueDesert® is an Israeli company located in the Negev Desert.  We have been manufacturing innovative products and accessories for over 22 years.  We produce seven lines of products: SmarTube® (drinking system for bottles), SmarTube® hydration pack (water bottle hydration packs), Keep2go™ (personal travel tube container), Cap2go™ (ClipCap™ bottle carrier), Bottelito™Continue reading “BlueDesert”

DNA Educational Games

DNA-Educational Games is an Israel-based company specializing in religion-themed e buy cheap kamagra uk ducational games, suitable for Christians of all denominations. They already developed and published several games in both English and Spanish, and have planned to publish more games in 2010. Games already published: In the footsteps of Jesus (Tras las huellas deContinue reading “DNA Educational Games”

Touching Holiness Stone

Maor Technologies is a privately owned company. Our main office, marketing, research & developing departments are located in Tel-Aviv. We have just finished developing our unique product: The “Touching Holiness Stone”. The “Touching Holiness Stone” is an amazing and a new project that its purpose is to bring a piece of Jerusalem to every homeContinue reading “Touching Holiness Stone”