CGW – Camel Grinding Wheels Ltd.

CGW specializes in abrasive products for the aerospace and land-based turbine blades industry. Thanks to its excellent engineers, technical support, short lead time, and competitive prices, CGW has become a major supplier of abrasive wheels and diamond rolls to this industry, serving the world’s leading manufacturers. CGW vitrified bonded wheels, resin bonded discs, and coatedContinue reading “CGW – Camel Grinding Wheels Ltd.”

Blanche Cosmetics

Blanche is a high-quality product line presented in prestigious packaging at an accessible price.The essence of the brand message is reflected in the slogan “Life in the Dead Sea”. The brand is based on the magnificent Dunaliella Salina Seaweed, which grows in the Dead Sea and represents the primary active ingredient in the Blanche formula.Continue reading “Blanche Cosmetics”

CartaSense Ltd.

CartaSense develops enabling wireless solutions for real time monitoring of agriculture goods and irrigation systems, based on low cost RF tags. CartaSense develops three families of products: 1) Bull Connect – monitor the cattle health condition in real time enabling taking immediate actions to stop epidemic breakout. 2) Bee Connect – enable view in realContinue reading “CartaSense Ltd.”

Barkan Mounting Systems

Barkan Mounting Systems specializes in enriching the customers Home Entertainment experience through the development, manufacturing and marketing of superior mounting solutions for LCD, Plasma and other Consumer Electronic products which give the best value for money. The knowledge and experience collected over the years has been the backbone of our success.