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Behavioural Intelligence Platform – Now Utilised by Labs and MoH for their ViruScore

Neura empowers organizations to make strategic, data-driven decisions based on large-scale human behavior and activity signals. Its Behavior Intelligence Platform transforms vast amounts of anonymized data into actionable, impactful and monetizable insights based on population behavior and lifestyle., Neura’s brand solution, enables powerful behavioral intelligence, audiencing, and CRM enrichment, combined with highly effective, contextually relevant engagement, pinpointing optimal moments of availability for increased monetization.

The population engagement platform uniquely positions Neura to help solve the new challenges that have resulted from the COVID-19 pandemic., Neura’s COVID-19 solution equips policymakers, health organizations, and businesses with real-time tools to monitor, predict and contain the Coronavirus pandemic. Providing decision-makers with the necessary insights to safely reopen the economy.

The Behavior Intelligence data is also utilized by labs and HMOs as part of Neura’s ViruScore, a COVID-19 predictive testing solution enabling more effective pooled

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