ABL Technologies

ABL Technologies is seeking to partner with local farmers, co-operatives and owners of dairy plants. ABL Technologies Ltd provides solutions for dairy farms and manufactures ice cream machines, dairy processing equipment, meat processing machines, vegetable processing equipment, fruit processing equipment, and packing machinery. ABL Technologies also represents international companies specialising in processing technologies and packingContinue reading “ABL Technologies”


PIC-Plast is seeking to partner with local distributors, agents or big end users for its high-strength agricultural covers. PIC-Plast produces coated, woven polyethylene sheeting for greenhouses, tunnels, orchards, vineyards, “soft fruits”, ground covers, and aquaculture under its trade name SOLARIG™. The high strength, tear resistant SOLARIG™ is manufactured using an exclusive technology and state ofContinue reading “PIC-Plast”


BioDalia, a manufacturer of bio-pesticides and fermentation-based products, is seeking to partner with crop protection distributors in Australia. BioDalia manufactures and markets bio-insecticides for pest management in agriculture & forestry and biolarvicides to control mosquito larvae & fungus gnats. BioDalia is active in contract manufacturing of biochemicals by fermentation, industrial bioprocess development, and R&D. It isContinue reading “BioDalia”

Nir Nursery

Nir Nursery is looking for an agent to market their plants in Australia. They supply specially cultivated varieties of native Australian plants. Nir Nursery deals with the introduction, breeding, acclimatization, development and propagation of plants from the southern hemisphere with a view to obtaining new varieties of cut flowers, foliage, flowering pot plants and gardenContinue reading “Nir Nursery”

Elgressy Engineering Systems

Elgressy develops and markets comprehensive solutions and systems for the treatment and prevention of common water related problems including: scale, bacteria and corrosion. Elgressy also provides solutions for the reclamation of water with a high concentration of organic compounds and waste water and its reuse, with EEC and EEO technologies. Their patented clean technology usesContinue reading “Elgressy Engineering Systems”

DryGair Greenhouse Dehumidifiers

DyGair is seeking an experienced distribution partner in Australia. DryGair was established in 2010 in order to design, develop and market an efficient and environment friendly dehumidification solution for the humidity problem in greenhouses. Developed with Volcani Center – ARO (Israel’s leading Agriculture Research Organization), the DryGair dehumidifier helps reduce the grower’s expenses and contributes toContinue reading “DryGair Greenhouse Dehumidifiers”

Miltel Communications Ltd.

Miltel are seeking local partners for their meter reading and data transmission technology in meter manufacturing and distribution (water, gas, electricity) and system integration. Miltel has developed a series of commercial applications based upon our proprietary Data Acquisition and Transport (“DAT”) technology. DAT is a wireless communications technology that is adaptable to local radio regulations,Continue reading “Miltel Communications Ltd.”