Atlantium Technologies

As a company in the clean-tech space, Atlantium not only focuses on manufacture and sales but continues to conduct research to develop new applications and perfect existing ones. Its offices include full-scale testing facilities and a microbiology lab. Research is led by PhDs from the fields of physics, water and microbiology. Atlantium sales and technicalContinue reading “Atlantium Technologies”


High Quality printed boxes. We design and produce custom printed boxes according to customer’s demand. We design a 3D model of the box with the buyer’s requested print. Printing, vacuum forming, etc. is also available for the box interior. Pictures of products can be sent upon request.

PowerPlug Ltd.

PowerPlug Ltd is an Israeli based company which develops innovative computer power management solutions for organizations and end consumers. The company products enable organizations and consumers of all types and sizes to implement power saving on their computers quickly and easily and save money, without any interference to maintenance activities or to end  users. InContinue reading “PowerPlug Ltd.”