Elkat Security Engineering Ltd

Elkat is a leading Israeli integrator, manufacturer and distributor of sophisticated electronic equipment for the security field. We also offer protection solutions for organizations and individuals. We have specialized in this field since 1984. Our field of expertise is in the following sectors:  Interception Systems – GSM & CDMA Fully Passive Systems. Jammers – VariousContinue reading “Elkat Security Engineering Ltd”


Based in Israel and one of Europe’s leading manufacturers, ASFIR has been manufacturing professional accessories for Jeep, Toyota, Chevy, Ford, Polaris and many more vehicles since 1986. All ASFIR accessories are designed to protect vehicles and enhance the personal safety of drivers and passengers, and are manufactured to the ISO9001 quality standard – the highestContinue reading “ASFIR 4X4”


Doclin is a worldwide distributer of “condition sp buy kamagra jelly ecific” product lines. Whether it’s our Sexual Health, Nutrition or Skin Care products we are delivering the most innovative and cutting edge formulas. We open a door for our buyers to dramatically increase their revenues by selecting our proven and successful “Product Franchise Package”Continue reading “Doclin”

My World

We developed a variety software solutions, database management systems, internet websites, portals, and web applications. We offer our clients a full package deal consisting of definition, coordination, and application of each project. Main current products: iLook for Outlook – iLook is an Outlook plug – in that assists you in organizing your Outlook folders andContinue reading “My World”

OREL Financial Solutions

OREL is an investment company, specializing in the investment and development of products for the consumer market.  The company developed a unique investment model which includes 2 essential properties.   The company provides solutions to the products’ requirements. 1.         Go-No-Go – A one week process. 2.         Business Program. 3.         Editing Intellectual Properties rights. 4.         ProductContinue reading “OREL Financial Solutions”


ShenPaz designs, develops, manufactures and markets dental laboratory ceramic firing and Zirconium oxide sintering furnaces including complimentary products. The Galaxy ATC Press not only fires all low fusing and normal ceramics, but also presses ceramics with constant temperature and press control. ShenPaz non aggressive “pressing steps” technology implements a special sensor to soften the “oneContinue reading “ShenPaz”

Minerals Health & Nature Products Ltd.

MINERALS Health & Nature Products from Dead Sea presents natural paraben free health and beauty products, based on the purest minerals that have risen from the depths of the Earth, and are found in the Dead Sea – the deepest, densest, and most mineral-rich body of water on earth. Minerals products are designed for face,Continue reading “Minerals Health & Nature Products Ltd.”