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Meet the Israeli Companies Optimizing the Online Customer Experience

Understanding who your customers are, what they want, and how you can best serve them has always been essential to companies of all stripes. With billions worldwide now reliant on an Internet connection to work, socialize, and shop in the era of coronavirus, customer journeys are increasingly taking place online – accelerating a years-long trend in which eCommerce has come to account for a growing share of total global retail sales.

As businesses see spikes in online traffic, they’re becoming more and more reliant on online customer analytics to glean vital insights and deliver optimal digital journeys. That requires solutions that harness Big Data, artificial intelligence, and sophisticated software – all of which happen to be areas where Israeli innovation stands out.

Naturally, the Startup Nation’s tech ecosystem has given rise to some of the leading companies in the customer analytics market:

  • Founded in Israel in 2011, AppsFlyer is now a global mobile attribution powerhouse, with more than 900 employees across 18 offices around the world. The company – which attained unicorn status with the close of a $210 million Series D funding round earlier this year – sells software that enables brands to track user journeys across platforms, channels, and devices. Among the company’s 12,000 customers are top global brands Walmart, Nike, HBO, Tencent, and NBC Universal. The company has also forged more than 6,000 technology partnerships, including Facebook, Google, Apple, Salesforce, and Adobe.
  • Glassbox is yet another company founded in Israel which now boasts a global footprint. Founded as Clarisite in 2010, Glassbox enables companies to playback and analyze every online customer journey, equipping brands with the insights they need to optimize customers’ digital experience. In April 2020, Glassbox closed a $40 million Series C funding round, bringing its total funding to $70 million. The company has offices in Israel, London, and New York.
  • Ensuring a friction-free customer journey is the founding mission of Namogoo, which works with leading brands like JCPenney, Asics, Office Depot, and the Dollar Shave Club to provide full control over the online experience and boost conversion rates. The company’s technology blocks malware-driven ad injections meant to divert customers to competitor sites, a phenomenon that impacts an estimated 15-25 per cent of user web sessions.

As more aspects of daily life shift online, Israeli technology is helping deliver customers the seamless digital experiences they crave, while opening new revenue opportunities for businesses – a true win-win.

Business Opportunities Projects & Engineering Service Provider

RPM – Global Project Management

RPM has a vast range  of services allowing the customer to cut through the logistical complexities and get down to business.

As an international company expanding in Israel, you’ll face struggles that have nothing to do with your actual business. In addition to finding your way around, you’ll encounter complications in bureaucracy and logistics that delay operations—and cause endless frustration.

At RPM, we’ll take care of everything for you. We deliver the optimal solution for companies moving into the Israeli market, with services that are tailored to the unique requirements of your business, so you can cut through the logistical hassles and launch your project faster.

Whether you need a place to live and work, assistance with recruiting local staff, transportation, permits for foreign workers, help with legal issues and municipal regulations, or a hand in setting up bank accounts or insurance policies – we’ve got you covered.

RPM services include:

         Offices and residencies

         Human resources

         Contractor negotiation

         Legal and litigation

         Commercial transactions

         Financial services

         Transportation

         Insurance

         Medical facilities for personal and office needs

Business Opportunities Service Provider

Zeev Lisson & Co. – Law Office & Notary

Zeev Lisson & Co. – Law Office specializes in law and notary services in Israel as well as in Lithuania and other Russian speaking countries.


They offer services at law and notary in the areas of:

  • Visa and other Israeli permits
  • Real Estate
  • Investments & Business opportunities
  • Business contracts
  • Civil & Commercial Litigation and Dispute Resolution
Business Opportunities Service Provider

Lior Pick & Co.

Examples of our past and current activities: Consultation and representation on complicated tax issues (land tax, property, income tax, charges, VAT and international taxation) Guidance during complex real estate transactions, representation of investors/sellers/contractors/purchase, including the tax aspects. Establishing companies/foundations/cooperation/trust and escorting them in Israel and abroad. Representation and advisement to companies in high-tech and start-up. ESOP and options agreements to employees, consultants and shareholders. Representation of foreign investors in Israel, and Israeli investors abroad. Filing of civil suits, preparation of commercial agreements and escorting businesses and entrepreneurs.

Our firm’s approach is turning every stone for our client.

This attitude is our back bone and the essence of our work; we examine each and every case thoroughly, research every law and secondary legislation, raise every argument and claim every objection! We examine all the possible solutions and every method and we are not afraid of innovation and precedents.


Business Opportunities Service Provider


GYD  help israeli exporters in collecting debts overseas.

Service Provider

Milo Abilities Maximization Ltd.

The company specializes in consultancy, training and coaching to firms on different levels.

Among their services:

  • Corporate consulting and development
  • Establishing and maintaining quality management systems
  • Training and development
  • Improving performance, methods and processes
  • Quality management outsourcing
  • Human resources outsourcing
    Business coaching
Older Business Opportunities Service Provider

Amir Marom – Business Consulting

Amir Marom is a well respected business consultant with wide managerial experience who offers business development services and representation to global companies, business men, and entrepreneurs who wish to penetrate the Israeli market.

Older Business Opportunities Service Provider

OREL Financial Solutions

OREL is an investment company, specializing in the investment and development of products for the consumer market. 

The company developed a unique investment model which includes 2 essential properties.  

The company provides solutions to the products’ requirements.

1.         Go-No-Go – A one week process.

2.         Business Program.

3.         Editing Intellectual Properties rights.

4.         Product Development

5.         Project Marketing.

OREL provides various marketing channels:

1.         Conventional Marketing.

2.         Cooperation with Academic Institutions.

Older Business Opportunities Service Provider

Exsellent Solutions

Exsellent Solutions aims to become a market leader in the fields of business development, business networking and market expansion operations.

We will attend to your company’s each and every business need, thus allowing it to further develop and become more successful.

Older Business Opportunities Service Provider

Sharif Merissat – Law Offices

Offers legal services for European & Asian exporters to Israel, dept collection, investment consulting, business company registration, contract commercial documentation, business corporate structuring, real estate transactions, trademark patent, industrial design registration, agency brokerage, commodities.

 We will also assist you in Representing Foreign Plaintiffs and Defendants in Israel.