Al Cielo Inertial Solutions

Al Cielo is seeking to partner with local OEMs in the defense and security market that are in need of an inertial solution for navigation or stabilisation of their products. Al Cielo is a premier manufacturer of high-performance Closed Loop Fiber Optic Gyros and Inertial Measurement Units for defense and commercial guidance and stabilization applications. TheyContinue reading “Al Cielo Inertial Solutions”

Have a safe flight, thanks to Israel’s XSight

ArcWize_LandingPage9 Latest Video: Runway debris costs about $14 billion in damages yearly. That’s why the FAA likes an Israeli system to detect birds and metal fragments 24/7. Lots of people complain about airplane food, but what about FOD? That acronym, which stands for “foreign object debris,” refers to stuff on the runway – birds,Continue reading “Have a safe flight, thanks to Israel’s XSight”

Arrow Aviation Ltd.

Arrow Aviation specializes in executive private / VIP flights, air ambulance & medical tourism, special cargo flights and aircraft management & buying consultant services according to specific needs & requirements of our clients. We are ready to provide the best customized service for the business/ private sector and public sector. Our company owns and operatesContinue reading “Arrow Aviation Ltd.”

BlueBird Aero Systems

BlueBird Aero Systems specializes in the design, development and production of Tactical Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) and peripheral equipment. BlueBird delivers unique, unprecedented, combat proven solutions to meet the challenges and needs of the Military, Homeland Security and Civilian UAS markets. BlueBird believes in providing its customers a cost-effective, end-to-end solution, based on cutting-edge, innovative andContinue reading “BlueBird Aero Systems”


SGD is an Israel based company which its expertise is special mission fixed and rotary wing A/C conversions, upgrades and modifications, and Airborne Pods development and manufacturing, both for the military and civil markets. Among our main customers are Lockheed Martin and Goodrich Corporation, which we developed and manufacturing fighter A/C airborne pods for them inContinue reading “SGD”