Tamuz Electronics Ltd

Tamuz Electronics Ltd. specializes in the development, production and marketing of innovated and advanced energy systems and power components for a wide range of customers, business sectors and applications. Tamuz has the capability to provide “off-the-shelf”, as well as custom-designed solutions for any application – resulting in efficient working systems achieving the perfect solution. TamuzContinue reading “Tamuz Electronics Ltd”

Laser Link

LaserLink provides integrated solutions for the digital album (flush albums) field, based on local manufacturing and international cooperation, in order to provide their customers with a comprehensive solution at the highest standards. They offer machines for digital albums manufacturing, materials for the albums manufacturing process such as covers and glue sheets, and complementary products suchContinue reading “Laser Link”

Katzenstein Adler Elco Energy & Infrastructure Group

Katzenstein Adler designs, manufactures, assembles and markets low- and high- voltage electric boards. The company meets international standards and utilizes its considerable know-how and experience in order to broaden local production and improve competitiveness in world markets. The company imports, markets and distributes electrical switching equipment for all types of electrical and infrastructure industries, andContinue reading “Katzenstein Adler Elco Energy & Infrastructure Group”

Barkan Mounting Systems

Barkan Mounting Systems specializes in enriching the customers Home Entertainment experience through the development, manufacturing and marketing of superior mounting solutions for LCD, Plasma and other Consumer Electronic products which give the best value for money. The knowledge and experience collected over the years has been the backbone of our success.