Kalisaya is a portable solar power system manufacturing company developing the KaliPAK®, a portable energy device, that will be autonomous, highly usable, portable and will respond to numerous use cases where grid-based electric power is absent Kalisaya are looking to find an Australian partner to oversee and manage local manufacturing and assembly capabilities.

Synergy Cables Ltd

Synergy Cables is seeking distributors for its LV flexible cables.  Synergy Cables is a manufacturer and global supplier of power and electrical cables. Established in 1934, Synergy offers a complete spectrum of products for power and control applications, ranging from low (LV), medium (MV) and high voltage (HV) power cables up to 161 kV; control, airfield lighting,Continue reading “Synergy Cables Ltd”

QualityLine Production Technology

QualityLine is seeking partner companies in Australia that manufacture offshore. QualityLine Production Technology provides a solution to monitor the quality of manufacturing even if the factory is located offshore. Their unique and patented technology monitors and analyses the manufacturing process by collecting data from the existing manufacturing line and conducting continuous analytics that are presentedContinue reading “QualityLine Production Technology”

Tri – Logical Technology

Founded in 1994, Tri-Logical Technologies develops, supplies, supports and maintains management solutions for civilian, security and ‎military organizations. Tri-Logical integrates its products with Cellular / Wireless communications ‎components, GPS, mobile peripheral equipment, sensors and controllers, to provide both “off the shelf” ‎systems and “tailor-made” solutions to meet the customer needs. These systems are marketed toContinue reading “Tri – Logical Technology”

Elkat Security Engineering Ltd

Elkat is a leading Israeli integrator, manufacturer and distributor of sophisticated electronic equipment for the security field. We also offer protection solutions for organizations and individuals. We have specialized in this field since 1984. Our field of expertise is in the following sectors:  Interception Systems – GSM & CDMA Fully Passive Systems. Jammers – VariousContinue reading “Elkat Security Engineering Ltd”

MEG Ltd.

We are an Israeli manufacturer of high-quality microwave passive components including Waveguides, Couplers, Terminations, Filters, Multiplexers, Adapters, Dividers etc. and Microwave Antennas of all kinds, specializing on freq. of 0.5-40 GHz. We are looking for representatives/distributors around the world. The distributor must be a reliable company with access to government tenders and connections to militaryContinue reading “MEG Ltd.”

Vocal Greeting Ltd

Vocal Greeting has developed a unique product for the greeting cards market involves celebrities’ greetings. Their product is a greeting card (paper) with a personalized celebrity audio greeting (patent pending). Additionally  consumers can enjoy a free facebook celebrities’ greetings model for viral marketing purposes. You are invited to view our web site at – http://www.voiceyourfeelings.comContinue reading “Vocal Greeting Ltd”