Greenroad is seeking to connect with fleet managers in the utility/automotive and/or oil and gas sectors. Greenroad’s mobile platform and performance management experts equip companies with actionable data and personal guidance to optimise fleet and driver performance. GreenRoad’s mobile application transforms a driver’s mobile into an effective, in-vehicle driving coach. Real-time feedback is delivered through clear, understandable dataContinue reading “Greenroad”

Seven Seas Ltd.

Seven Seas is the leading company in global tank container operations, supplying our customers with high quality service at competitive rates for our international bulk liquid shipping service. Seven Seas offers the best products in tank container operators; serving a wide range of customers’ needs including chemical, bulk, gas, hazmat and liquid shipments.

Ronipal Technologies LTD

Background Ronipal Technologies is a pioneering developer of Protective Packaging systems. We use our experience and strong R D capabilities to design various innovative packaging techniques to customers that are committed to a clean environment, a safe work place and ingenuity. Company Vision At the core of our operation is dedication to make packaging lessContinue reading “Ronipal Technologies LTD”

Wireless Links

Wireless Links is “the “recognized technology leader in innovation and customer satisfaction for real time GPS based Fleet Management and wireless Dispatch solutions. Our products and solutions are successfully integrated by our partners into their Fleet management, asset tracking and dispatch software applications cross many industries, in use by fleets of all sizes starting withContinue reading “Wireless Links”

Tamor S.M.R. Ltd

Tamor S.M.R. Ltd manufactures metalwork and rubber vulcanized components and assemblies for the heavy wheeled and tracked vehicle industry.  Our products are suitable for Defense, Civil and Industrial applications.  In-house we manufacture to customer specifications by implementing: Metalwork – CNC machining, MIG / TIG welding, forming, deep drawing, cutting, stamping, shot peening, painting and preservationContinue reading “Tamor S.M.R. Ltd”

EPL International

EPL International provides logistics solutions that best suit our client’s individual Needs, conducive to future growth and the minimisation of transportation costs. Companies nominate to use EPL to benefit from our unique and personalised Customer care. EPL International is committed to continuously improving the quality of service we provide our customers. We always strive forContinue reading “EPL International”

E-Drive Technology

E-Drive Technology is an Israeli company with over 20 years of experience in providing with smart automotive system solutions and applications for the Fleet and Fuel Management and Telematics segments. The producst were design to provide Automotive manufacturers, rental and leasing companies, large commercial fleets and government companies with online and offline control over theirContinue reading “E-Drive Technology”

Leguimatt Cargo

LEGUIMATT CARGO is an international commerce agency located in Israel. The agency assists its customers to perform international procedures, such as: export/import, buying/selling commodities/products, representing, international logistics, locating distributors/manufacturers and more international services. The agency is looking for international trade companies around the globe, who would like to cooperate & assist in performing international services.Continue reading “Leguimatt Cargo”