UET – Water Treatment Technology

UET (Universal Environmental Technologies) is an engineering and manufacturing company, specialising in the treatment of water without chemical additives. UET uses the natural attributes of water to correct a variety of industrial water issues, such as scaling, corrosion, heavy metals build-up, bio-contamination and brackish water treatment. UET works with major industrial companies across multiple sectorsContinue reading “UET – Water Treatment Technology”

Ventree – Air Purification Solutions

Ventree develop indoor air purification devices that remove harmful toxins from the air and neutralize air contaminants. Their solution is biological based, harnessing the power of plant life to revolutionise the way that the air is purified. Ventree replaces a common household pot plant, with an air purifier pot and plant – promoting a moreContinue reading “Ventree – Air Purification Solutions”

Pollight – Wireless Lighting Automation Company

Pollight has developed a smart command, control and monitoring wireless network system, which encompasses lighting, emergency lighting and air-conditioning controls. Combining BLE Mesh and Wi-Fi, Pollight’s technology achieves a fully wireless, cloud-based system. It has been developed for deployment in large-scale buildings, and can handle up to ten-thousand devices (including emergency lighting, lighting, HVAC thermostat,Continue reading “Pollight – Wireless Lighting Automation Company”

Leonardo DRS buys Israeli radar co RADA at 34% premium

The merger with Arlington, Virginia-based Leonardo DRS will leave RADA shareholders with 19.5% of the combined defense company. Netanya-based Israeli defense company RADA Electronic Industries Ltd. (TASE: RADA; Nasdaq: RADA), which produces tactical radar systems, is merging with US company Leonardo DRS Inc. The stock-based transaction will result in RADA’s existing shareholders holding 19.5% of the mergedContinue reading “Leonardo DRS buys Israeli radar co RADA at 34% premium”

Israeli company AI21 Labs creates AI model of Ruth Bader Ginsburg

“Ask Ruth Bader Ginsburg” answers users’ queries based on 27 years of Ginsburg’s Supreme Court opinions, interviews and speeches. Israeli artificial intelligence company AI21 Labs has created an AI model of the late US Supreme Court associate justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, The Washington Post reported on Tuesday. The AI model, “Ask Ruth Bader Ginsburg,” answers users’ queries based onContinue reading “Israeli company AI21 Labs creates AI model of Ruth Bader Ginsburg”

Made in Israel: First AI-designed Antibody Could Lead to Eradication of Tumors

A computer may design the perfect antibody to fight cancer in a breakthrough for medicine. Prof. Yanay Ofran explains why testing it on mice can be misleading, and what limits creativity in biotech companies: ‘They’re searching for a new biology and trying to treat it using old technology. We do the opposite’ In recent weeksContinue reading “Made in Israel: First AI-designed Antibody Could Lead to Eradication of Tumors”

Jez International | Plant-Derived Female Intimate Care

Jez International specialises in the development, production and marketing of high-end cosmetics. They are currently developing female intimate hygiene products that are formulated with natural active ingredients. For all enquiries, email Luke at the Israel Trade Commission.

Israel, small on Earth, large in space tech!

For many decades there has been a significant debate worldwide about the need for and value of space exploration, with the costs and benefits over the long and short term assessed by policymakers and citizens alike. In the Israel of the 1980’s, policymakers recognized and accepted that space related activities had the potential to contribute,Continue reading “Israel, small on Earth, large in space tech!”

Israeli firm develops next-gen radar which can ‘see’ through walls

Israel-based Camero-Tech company developed a next-generation portable, high-performance imaging system that can ‘see’ through walls. According to a press release from Camero-Tech, it is launching the Xaver 1000 – the new generation of the company’s product line that offers unprecedented operational capabilities to military forces, law enforcement agencies, intelligance units, and first responders.  The Xaver 1000 hasContinue reading “Israeli firm develops next-gen radar which can ‘see’ through walls”

AranBiotech | Single Use Systems for Pharma and Biotechnology

AranBiotech specialises in manufacturing and providing solutions in Single Use Systems for Pharma and Biotechnology products. With an emphasis on quality and R&D capabilities, AranBiotech has developed a wide product portfolio, including in 2D and 3D Single Use Bags and Disposable Bioreactors. Their products are designed to maximise regulatory compliance and process efficiency. https://www.aranbiotech.com/ ForContinue reading “AranBiotech | Single Use Systems for Pharma and Biotechnology”