Baby-T, wearable Mp3 wristband

Baby-T is a creative new patented product that is seeking a major distribution partner in Australia. Baby-T is a bracelet with a memory card and a recording chip inside. The USB that comes with the bracelet enables you to download music, bedtime stories, soothing sounds, songs, children’s educational programs and audio files. The files can beContinue reading “Baby-T, wearable Mp3 wristband”

Fourier Education; Einstein World

The EINSTEIN WORLD learning platform is an award winning holistic STEM solution which empowers teachers and inspires students (K-12) by providing an engaging science learning experience that unifies sensor-based experiments, interactive multimedia activities and user-friendly analysis applications. The platform was developed by Fourier Education and is sold in over 50 countries worldwide. The Einstein kitContinue reading “Fourier Education; Einstein World”

Mind Lab

MIND LAB is an innovative in-school curriculum for the development of thinking abilities and life skills through strategy games. Mind Lab’s competitive edge is that its methodology reinforces learning through play by incorporating thinking games, meta-cognitive methods and the role of teacher mediator. The courses cater to students of different ages, abilities and learning stylesContinue reading “Mind Lab”

EduConsulting Internatinal Ltd.

EduConsulting Internatinal Ltd. are looking for a distributor in the Australian market with a background in educational software and technology distribution. Edu-Consulting International Ltd. is an Israeli developer of interactive educational systems for young children and children with special educational needs. EduQuest is the complete solution for kindergarten children. Click here to see a presentationContinue reading “EduConsulting Internatinal Ltd.”

The Decade Group – Young Engineers Ltd.

The company specializes in finding creative education solutions, and has developed the “Young Engineers” (YE) programs that teaches children Math, Physics, and Machine Engineering, using LEGO© and Kid K’nex©. The main goal of the programs is to demonstrate the theoretic studies using stories, examples and building models which powerfully illustrate the theoretic topics. Using thisContinue reading “The Decade Group – Young Engineers Ltd.”

ATID Network Schools & Colleges

“Atid” is the largest, privately-owned, educational network in the Israel that specializes in management and operation of advanced technological schools and colleges attended by 25,000 students every year. “Atid” was established in 1990, owns 9 colleges, 20 high schools and 5 youth institutions, employing 1500 professional instructors.  Providing a quality, suitable response to population fromContinue reading “ATID Network Schools & Colleges”

Medidactic Ltd.

For the past 3 years, Medidactic has been developing e learning modules for the leading  government, medical institutions and nursing schools in Israel. Our modules deal with core medical and nursing topics such as life support  basic, advanced, pediatric and neonatal), pharmaceutical calculations, acid base metabolism, infection prevention, wound care, breast feeding guidance, risk management,Continue reading “Medidactic Ltd.”