Tom Ridge: Israel’s renewable energy know-how among world’s best

  As reported in IVC: “In order to ensure that sustainable and safe technologies are developed in Israel, it’s necessary to maintain a suitable balance between the state and the market.” In an interview with “Globes”, former Pennsylvania governor Tom Ridge says, “The socioeconomic and environmental needs of the 21st century require innovation and energyContinue reading “Tom Ridge: Israel’s renewable energy know-how among world’s best”

Arava Power signs solar deal with Negev Bedouins

As reported in IVC: The US Overseas Private Investment Corporation will finance 80% of the cost of the solar fields, or $300 million. Arava Power Company has signed contracts to build three solar power fields on land owned by the Tarabeen and Abu Karinath Bedouin clans in the Negev. The company estimates that NIS 400Continue reading “Arava Power signs solar deal with Negev Bedouins”

Quality control for alternative energy success

As reported in IVC: Israel’s BrightView Systems aims to encourage solar energy use by optimizing efficiency, improving quality and ensuring the reliability of solar panels. For hybrid cars, wind power, and solar energy technology, there’s more than just creative innovation involved in producing the batteries, generators and panels needed to drive the technologies forward. Reasonably-pricedContinue reading “Quality control for alternative energy success”

The Israel Conference™ Features over $200 Billion in Revenues and Investment Capital from Industry Lions of Israel-Facing Companies

  As reported by IVC,  the Israel Conference™ featured an array of over 60 CEOs speaking about their companies and representing over $200B in revenues and investment capital. This second annual conference for Israel-facing companies took place on Thursday, June 3, 2010 in Los Angeles at the Luxe Hotel. Over 60% of the 700 businessContinue reading “The Israel Conference™ Features over $200 Billion in Revenues and Investment Capital from Industry Lions of Israel-Facing Companies”

Eight Israeli firms named in Red Herring 2010

The eight Israeli companies are attracTV, BriefCam Ltd., MS Tech Ltd., SolarEdge Technologies Ltd., SundaySky, TaKaDu, Trusteer and Waze   Red Herring, a global media company, announced last week its Top 100 Award for 2010 in recognition of the leading private companies from Europe, celebrating these startups’ innovations and technologies across their respective industries.  Continue reading “Eight Israeli firms named in Red Herring 2010”

Solco and SolarEdge Partner to Maximize Solar Power Harvesting in Australia

Solco and SolarEdge Partner to Maximize Solar Power Harvesting in AustraliaAs a result of close collaboration, Solco and SolarEdge today announced a joint partnership agreement for the supply of a distributed power harvesting solution that will maximize power generation throughout a solar photovoltaic system’s lifecycle, while dramatically reducing complexities and costs. “Solco welcomes this strategicContinue reading “Solco and SolarEdge Partner to Maximize Solar Power Harvesting in Australia”

Israeli Medical Corps Develops Life-Saving Battlefield Tools

As reported in Jane’s International Defence Review; The Israel Defence Force (IDF) has developed and incorporated a range of innovative new medical devices that it believes will help save soldiers’ lives in future conflicts. Much of the impetus behind the new technology came as a direct result of the lessons learned from operations in pastContinue reading “Israeli Medical Corps Develops Life-Saving Battlefield Tools”

Thinking ‘inside the box’ to save energy and money

As reported in IVC: A new Israeli device gets inside your electric box so you can control your appliances remotely and program them according to the power company’s peak hours and discounts. Your electric bill has gone sky high. You suspect the air conditioner, which has been emitting a rattling noise since you fired itContinue reading “Thinking ‘inside the box’ to save energy and money”

10 reasons Israel is a cleantech leader

Israel, a global cleantech powerhouse, is now attracting hundreds of millions of dollars in cleantech investment every year. The country gets more from its soil, water, air, and sunlight than most other nations on earth. Why has such a small country been able to position itself a world leader in cleantech? The answer, I believe,Continue reading “10 reasons Israel is a cleantech leader”