Spotlight On…Haifa Chemicals Australia Ltd

A new office in Australia for an old Israeli company, Haifa Chemical of Israel has taken the step of opening a dedicated office in Melbourne to service their clients in Australia. Haifa Australia is a wholely   owned subsidiary of Haifa in Israel the world premium supplier of Potassium Nitrate for both farming and industry. HaifaContinue reading “Spotlight On…Haifa Chemicals Australia Ltd”

Cleantech VC reaches $1.9B in 1Q10

As reported by IVC Online, transportation attracted $704M this past quarter, while energy efficiency and solar remain key sectors to watch, according to latest Cleantech Group data. Cleantech venture capital investment was up 29 percent in the first quarter of 2010 compared to last quarter, and 83 percent higher than the same quarter a yearContinue reading “Cleantech VC reaches $1.9B in 1Q10”

Australia to Share Solar Knowledge with Europe

Australia’s solar energy industry has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with leading European solar researchers. The signatories to the MoU are the Australian Solar Institute and the Fraunhofer Institute, Europe’s largest research institution. The agreement provides a platform for a wide range of research to strengthen the development and deployment of solar energy technology, includingContinue reading “Australia to Share Solar Knowledge with Europe”

The 2009 Atir Awards – Israeli Industrial Design Awards

The 2009 Atir Awards – Israeli industrial design commissioned by the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Labor The Ministry of Trade, Industry and Labor in Israel has presented industrial design awards for designers and industrialists during the annual Industrial Association assembly. The awards are granted per the following categories: Consumer Goods; Tools and Equipment; FurnitureContinue reading “The 2009 Atir Awards – Israeli Industrial Design Awards”

Israel’s south could be global clean tech’s beta site

While Israel still has work ahead to develop its own clean tech, organizers of the Renewable Energy Conference in Eilat tout the country as a global beta site. With its year-round sunshine and high temperatures, Eilat and the region are a perfect location for the deployment of alternative energy projects. While Israel generates numerous headlinesContinue reading “Israel’s south could be global clean tech’s beta site”


To boost entrepreneurial activity and encourage further innovation in the cleantech sector, Israel’s Ministry of Industry, Trade and Labor is creating a renewable energy center and a water technology center in the Negev. The centers will be established following a tender procedure including Israeli and international investors and have an approved 5-year budget of 100Continue reading “ISRAEL OPENS TWO CLEANTECH R&D CENTERS IN THE SOUTH”

Green energy scheme ‘a fraud’

The  Sydney Morning Herald reports that KEVIN RUDD’S environmental agenda is under attack on two fronts, with the country’s biggest private renewable energy business declaring his green power target at risk of failure. As criticism of the emissions trading scheme grows bolder after the fractured Copenhagen summit, AGL has labelled the administration of the theContinue reading “Green energy scheme ‘a fraud’”

תוכנית ממשלת אוסטרליה לצמצום פליטת מזהמי פחמן

בדצמבר 2008 הציגה ממשלת אוסטרליה תוכנית כוללת לצמצום פליטת מזהמי פחמן. גידול אוכלוסיה משמעותי, תעשיות מזהמות רבות ושימוש רב בפחם מביאים את אוסטרליה לצורך לנקוט בצעדים משמעותים בנוגע למדיניות שינוי האקלים שלה ולעמוד בקו אחד עם מדינות מפותחות אחרות.