Envomed, an innovative on-site medical waste solution, is developed by Maabarot Metal Works Ltd, a company with extensive technical knowledge and over 30 years’ experience in providing specialized industrial machinery. Identifying the market’s need for efficient on-site medical waste treatment facilities, we made significant investments in R&D and engineered a solution that is revolutionary fromContinue reading “Envomed”

Israel Powers Up the Clean Energy Revolution

As climate change spurs nations to shift away from fossil fuels and embrace clean energy, technological innovation is playing a vital role in enabling the transition – and with its robust innovation ecosystem, Israel is a critical part of the energy revolution. From the cutting-edge innovations that have helped dramatically reduce the cost of solarContinue reading “Israel Powers Up the Clean Energy Revolution”

Israel’s Sustainable Tech Is Powering Clean Innovation

In study after study, the Start-Up Nation ranks among the most innovative countries in the world. Israel is also by far the most resourceful country when it comes to wastewater management, recycling 87 percent of its wastewater – far outstripping second-place Spain, which recycles 20 percent. At first glance, these two facts may appear unrelatedContinue reading “Israel’s Sustainable Tech Is Powering Clean Innovation”


Mapal is seeking local customers for their unique waste water treatment system. Mapal’s cost-effective Floating Fine Bubble Aeration (FFBA™) system is designed to deliver efficient aeration in municipal and industrial WWTP lagoons and biological reactors at every scale of operation. The FFBA™ system can be implemented during the design and construction of new WWTPs or toContinue reading “Mapal”

EnVerid HVAC Systems

EnVerid is seeking a major distributor in HVAC, mechanical electrical or construction to distribute and maintain its HVAC systems. EnVerid’s HLR (HVAC Load Reduction) system eliminates a leading cause of energy waste in buildings. Unlike conventional air systems that replace indoor air with outside air, the HLR solution minimizes the amount of outside air requiredContinue reading “EnVerid HVAC Systems”


YAMIT ELI is a leading international provider of water and wastewater treatment and filtration systems and services with customers across the world. The company has customer sites and installations in Asia, Central and South America. South and Southern Africa, Europe and Australia. YAMIT ELI International headquarters are located in Israel with YAMIT ELI European headquartersContinue reading “Yamit”

PRESS RELEASE – Israel’s Ammonia Production Plant

PRESS RELEASE Request for opinions and information from the public on the meanings of establishment of ammonia production plant, extracted from natural gas in Israel for the local market The ministry of industry, trade and labor is examining his position towards the need for government assistance as part of the ministry assisting tools for theContinue reading “PRESS RELEASE – Israel’s Ammonia Production Plant”

Amcortec Renewable Energy Ltd.

Amcortec-Renewable Energy ltd. specializes in solutions for alternative green energy in heating hot water for domestic use as bug structures in hotels, holiday villages, parents home, hospitals, apartment buildings and industrial factories. We are suppliers of equipment for solar water heating systems such as collectors and boilers from 15 liters-30 liters of enamel coating andContinue reading “Amcortec Renewable Energy Ltd.”