RPM – Global Project Management

RPM has a vast range  of services allowing the customer to cut through the logistical complexities and get down to business. As an international company expanding in Israel, you’ll face struggles that have nothing to do with your actual business. In addition to finding your way around, you’ll encounter complications in bureaucracy and logistics thatContinue reading “RPM – Global Project Management”

PRESS RELEASE – Israel’s Ammonia Production Plant

PRESS RELEASE Request for opinions and information from the public on the meanings of establishment of ammonia production plant, extracted from natural gas in Israel for the local market The ministry of industry, trade and labor is examining his position towards the need for government assistance as part of the ministry assisting tools for theContinue reading “PRESS RELEASE – Israel’s Ammonia Production Plant”

Palgal Plastic

Palgal specializes in two main areas of production and marketing; 1.  Pipeline to transport water and domestic sewage, industrial and urban infrastructure. 2.  Electrical conduits and unique profiles made from PVC. A team of about 40 employees with knowledge and many years experience in Blow industry, employs 10 production lines in three shifts and professionalContinue reading “Palgal Plastic”

MAATZ – Israeli National Roads Company

Consulting in all the disciplines of inter-urban road network development and maintenance. Assistance to the national highway authorities and road agencies with approval and implementation of programs and policies for development, operating and maintenance of national, inter-urban road networks including: 1.1.      Strategic planning of the roads network and preparing the basis for its establishment (procedureContinue reading “MAATZ – Israeli National Roads Company”

Aizinberg Melech & Sons Ltd – IHL UK Imperial Hose Ltd

We are a company dealing in import, export and marketing of Hydraulic equipment – especially Hydraulic hoses such as: Hoses 1SN, 2SN, R4, R5, R7, 4SP, 4SH, R12, R13, Steam Hose, Air Hose, Spray Hose Hydraulic Fittings, Adapters, Gauges, Quick Couplings Crimping Machines, Swaging Machine, Skiving Machines and more.

Powercom Ltd.

Overview Powercom Ltd. (“Powercom” or “the Company”) is positioned as a market leader in the remote and control metering system industry. • The Company is engaged in developing, manufacturing and marketing a complete smart grid solution for electricity, water and gas utilities with a range of superior benefits provided by its unique and patented technology.Continue reading “Powercom Ltd.”


The availability of clean water is fast becoming an issue of great concern the world over. For over 30 years AQUA TAL has been working to meet the growing need for better quality, cleaner water by developing, producing and marketing a comprehensive range of water treatment systems. With extensive knowledge and vast experience, AQUA TALContinue reading “AQUATAL GROUP LTD”